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  • 1.  Query line peak utilisation

    Posted 01-09-2023 04:58
    In IC Administrator, in Line Configuration you can set the maximum umber of concurrent inbound and outbound calls. Is there a way to query the number of concurrent calls? So we can set up a forecast how far we are away from the limit.
    The ICBM-Report Line Activity by hour is not helpfull, because it delivers the (average) utilization based on talktime, but not the peak based on concurrent calls. Same for other reports.
    Any hints?

    Andreas Tikart
    Fiebig GmbH

  • 2.  RE: Query line peak utilisation

    Posted 01-09-2023 17:43

    When I've had to get similar numbers for the purpose of estimating capacity for  a new SIP service replacing PRIs, I queries the interaction details table to get starts and end times of connected calls over a sample period of time.  Then I used a separate script to go through the data in the CSV and effectively look at 1 second intervals throughout the entire period of the data looking at how many of the "windows" in my csv overlapped with that 1 second interval, and then using then tracking the highest value.

    Since I didn't care about when it happened, I just kept track of the "high score" for my evaluation rather than writing out all of the individual values, although you could do that to a text file or other csv pretty easily with a little scripting knowledge.

    The interaction details table gives you flags for inbound/outbound/intercom media type, etc so you should be able to limit it to what you want to see.

    Aaron Lael
    State of Utah - comments on this forum reflect my own personal opinions\observations and are separate from any entity I am otherwise involved in.

  • 3.  RE: Query line peak utilisation

    Posted 01-10-2023 01:18
    ICBM - License Statistics - Concurrent - External call ports

    I created alert for "In use" here.

    Easy :).

    Guchan Erzorlu
    Call Center Resources Dan. A.S

  • 4.  RE: Query line peak utilisation

    Posted 01-11-2023 11:13
    If you want this information historically, you can look to the iLineGroupStats table in the PureConnect DB.

    Specifically, iLineGroupStats.mEntered.  This value should show you the maximum number of concurrent calls that were active on that line group in that interval.  And if you run the Line Group Summary and Detail report(s), you'll see that figure there as well.

    Keep in mind though, this field relies on the setting of the max number of calls in IA.  It sounds like you already have that set, which is great.  But for others, you'll need to "mimic" the number of max calls based on the number of PRIs.  So if you have 1 PRI, the max number would be 23, 2 PRIs would be 46, etc.

    Trent Vance
    TTEC Digital, LLC dba Avtex

  • 5.  RE: Query line peak utilisation

    Posted 01-12-2023 10:26

    While there may be a few ways to try and extrapolate this from PureConnect, it will never be 100% accurate and requires the lines to be set up with actual capacities to allow the reports to calculate against actual numbers. By far, the best source for this data would be your carrier (service provider). They have the best perspective on traffic on your circuits, including calls that may never make it to an answered state in PC. The service provider is most likely already gathering this data as part of their infrastructure monitoring and should be able to provide very accurate data.


    Chris Mayo
    Director, Professional Services - Genesys

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