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  • 1.  re. How to clear current Intent in a Bot Flow

    Posted 09-20-2023 04:38

    Hey folks,

    First time publisher here, please be gentle... :-)

    I am working on a Bot Flow, which needs to have the ability to retry eliciting an active Intent, but am having issues in doing so, as it is using an Intent that is technically already identified...

    Looking up in the ether, I noted the following URL that indicated that there should be an action called Clear Active Intent, however that Action does not seem to be available to. where this appears to be my only means to resolving my Ask Intent issue...

    What is happening is that, after eliciting the Initial Intent, where the chosen Intent is called "Fault", I need to clarify further what kind of Fault.

    I can do that either through eliciting a Slot, however my requirements borders across more than 1 Slot, making eliciting an Intent the more appropriate, which then allows me to map Slots to the potential Utterances.

    I must add that I am effectively using the same Intents for the second time, giving the caller one last time to give me more detail about their issue, before targeting an agent group.

    However what is happening is that when the call has completed its first step, namely identifying a call as being a "Fault" related call, but where no fault "type" is identified, I am wanting the customer to describe what the call "type" is, without causing utterance mapping conflicts. Out of that I am literally reusing one of the same Intents as part of the second attempt to elicit an updated Intent and associated Slot Mappings, so that I can drill into the root to the callers query.

    When the call flow lands at this action, it appears to skip past the step of asking the caller the question I have defined, and goes directly to the Intent  Output, which is what I do NOT want. The root cause seems to be that the Intent is already defined, thus, it assumes it does not need to ask again...

    To resolve this, I was wanting to Clear the Current Active Intent, for which I saw data indicating that SHOULD be possible, but this appears false, or unavailable in the edition I am using (out of AU).

    I have considered the use of Slots, however I have one of 3 primary slots to fulfil here, where it is much harder to elicit the Slot than it is to usea single Slot Mapped Utterance, which makes the Ask Intent action the more appropriate method to follow, but my thinking.

    So the question is simple. Is there a way that I can clear the Current Active Intent, within a Bot Flow, which is on a similar line as the Clear Slot action (which I have also tried, when evaluating the use of Ask Slot action?

    The Set Intent does not allow me to select nothing, and does not enable clearing the Intent. I have also enquired into the potential for writing an expression, but this too does not seem possible (from my observations).

    I am hoping someone out there may have come across this before, and may be able to enlighten me a tad...

    Many thanks for your consideration...



    Catelyn Hearne
    Byte Information Technology

  • 2.  RE: re. How to clear current Intent in a Bot Flow

    Posted 09-20-2023 14:17

    The clear active intent action is not available anywhere, that page will be removed.  Sorry.

    Melissa Bailey
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: re. How to clear current Intent in a Bot Flow

    Posted 09-21-2023 04:46

    Hi Catelyn,

    Welcome to the community!

    I am not 100% sure if I've got your issue right, but I think you are saying that you have an Intent with multiple slots & you want to use another Ask for Intent to get the remaining slots if the user doesn't give them the 1st time.

    If so, if you use an Ask for Intent, then add e.g. 2 Ask for Slots after & only 1 of the slots is already recognized then the bot will skip that question - think of an Ask for Slot like the mandatory slots that a user needs to give to fulfil that intent. The bot will only ever ask for information it doesn't already know. 

    Does this solve your problem?

    I see you mention to have one of 3 primary slots, so maybe this may not work for you. Is your logic something like - 

    Intent + Slot A OR Intent + Slot B OR Intent + Slot C?



    Nicola Conlon
    Product Manager
    Genesys - Employees

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