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Schedules & nGAGEMENT Setup | Genesys Gamification Event Series

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  • 1.  Schedules & nGAGEMENT Setup | Genesys Gamification Event Series

    Posted 09-16-2020 18:02
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    Scheduling in a call center can be tricky. You need to take into account forecast expected call volume to createschedules that match anticipated needs. But you also need to remain flexible for when unexpected events come up, such as sick days, time off and other such wrenches in your plan. Using AI and machine learning algorithms to develop work plans, contact center management can optimize plans with weekly and multi-week rules and constraints. And then improve accuracy and efficiency across the board by automating operational practices.

    On the flip side, you have the agent. Making sure agents are in a positive environment and are having a good experience goes a long way to ensuring that attrition remains down while performance is up. Especially right now, the rise of remote work is inspiring a new type of management. It's time to rethink how you manage employee performance and KPIs. No matter where your workers are located, a productive and engaged team improves operations. Gamification appeals to your employees' natural desire to compete. It lets you engage your team members in new ways. Transform daily activities with game mechanics, social media concepts and machine learning.

    Have you checked out the instructional content available?

    Watch our video on Setting Schedules on Genesys Cloud and Installing your nGAGEMENT add-on.

    What are your thoughts? Let us know below if you have any questions or comments on this topic.


    Marcela Areiza
    Product Marketing/Management Manager
    Genesys - Employees

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