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  • 1.  Send Auto Reply action

    Posted 2 days ago
      Hi All,

    I am trying to achieve this : In an inbound email flow if the customer email is not accepted by the agent with "X" hour send an automated email to the customer if the issue /query/is resolved by any other channel or way; would you like to close/end this email communication. if yes please reply with the Key word "xyz". if the customer replies to an automated email with keyword "xyz" the GC should automatically disconnect the interaction with specific wrapup code.

    Issue : I am able to send an auto reply to the customer and when the customer replies back with a key word the system logic is not working. If you send directly the key word rather than the reply to an automated email the logic is working. And even in the second reply with key word is also working.

    Do you have an idea what is going wrong here?

    Regards,#Architect; #e-mail
    SK  ​​

    Santhosh Koroth GmbH

  • 2.  RE: Send Auto Reply action

    Posted 2 days ago
    Are you checking on the body of the email for the word or ? or in the subject

    I use this quite a bit to check for scam words and then apply a wrapcode based on a decision of the words in the body

    like this

    and the decision expression looks something like this

    If(IsSet(Email.Message.body), Contains(Email.Message.body, "The message you sent to no-reply"), false)

    Andy Jackson
    Ten Lifestyle Management Limited

  • 3.  RE: Send Auto Reply action

    Posted 19 hours ago
    Hello Santhosh,

    Andy's response is definitely something I'd like for you to confirm. Thank you Andy for a nice, detailed response.

    Your success criteria is that when the expected keyword is found, the interaction is appended with a specific wrap-up code and should not be offered (disconnects) - which part(s) of this criteria does not work when you encounter your issue? Also, are you able to confirm that responses through the auto-reply email are actually being processed by your flow? The other lead I am looking at has something to do with direct emails working - perhaps the automated email is configured with a different (reply-to) email address?

    Nico Feliciano
    Genesys - Employees