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Session timeout setting for Administrator, SIP Soft Phone, Scripter?

  • 1.  Session timeout setting for Administrator, SIP Soft Phone, Scripter?

    Posted 02-27-2023 12:19

    The majority of our agents are now working from home and we have been struggling with Scripter, SIP Soft Phone, and Interaction Administrator losing its connection multiple times per day for users. We have had our network and VPN folks ensure there are no issues on their end and this is spread across ISP's. It seems as though whenever there is a small network blip or irregularity the connections drop and don't reconnect. When this happens it is too short of a blip to be detected by our VPN so the VPN connection doesn't drop, which is why our network folks can't see the problem. My Interaction Administrator sessions drop at least 5 times per day at my home office, which is annoying for me but it is even more annoying for agents who have to be reprovisioning their SIP Soft Phone or logging back into campaigns many times per day. 

    I am wondering if there is a time out setting somewhere that can be set to prevent this? Has anyone else experienced this type of thing? 


    Michael Bishop
    UnitedHealth Group/Optum

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