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  • 1.  Speech & Text Analytics- Licensing

    Posted 08-02-2022 13:31

    I am currently working through the QA >Speech & Text Analytics.  I see that this requires a GC3 license of WEM add-on.  What I am trying to understand in regards to the licensing if the GC3 is only assigned to the QA or Supervisors that will be utilizing the Speech and Text or does a license need assigned to all agent in order for this to work as designed.

    It may be obvious but I need to be certain....

    Any thoughts or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Tina Yocum
    Nxstage Medical, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Speech & Text Analytics- Licensing

    Posted 08-03-2022 03:26
    It has to be assigned to all agents that you need Speech & Text Analytics for.

    andrew lewis
    Health Management Ltd