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  • 1.  Start an Interaction calls from a HTML tag (URL:CallTo)

    Posted 11-17-2022 08:38

    I have a 3rd party apps that contain customer phone number where phone number are link using the URL:CallTo html tag. In Windows configuration (default apps by protocol) the CALLTO protocol is associate with Genesys Cloud Desktop apps.

    When agent click on one of the phone numbers on the list, Genesys Cloud apps do call out to this phone number but using the Call section and not the Interaction section. I was wondering if there is any trick to make it call out using the Interaction tab?



    Sébastien Arpin
    Inoria Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Start an Interaction calls from a HTML tag (URL:CallTo)

    Posted 11-18-2022 09:34
    This is a great candidate for the Genesys Ideas lab.   I would also ask the ability to call on behalf of a queue allowing the Agents to select which queue they are calling on behalf of.  This would provide the additional benefit of leveraging policies that are queue specific.

    Mark Pierson
    Ally Financial

  • 3.  RE: Start an Interaction calls from a HTML tag (URL:CallTo)

    Posted 11-18-2022 11:46

    If the 3rd party app has the ability to host an HTML snippet then you could potentially just use the Genesys Cloud Embeddable Framework component to offer Genesys agent functionality from right within that web application:  This the same component that Genesys and our AppFoundry partners use to embed Genesys agent functionality into CRMs like Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics, etc.  

    You could decide to only implement the clickToDial ( part of the Embeddable Framework if you wanted to.  These calls will be ACD queue calls, so the agent will have to select the queue before the call is placed.

    Jim Crespino
    Senior Director, Developer Evangelism

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