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  • 1.  Time Off Plans and Limits

    Posted 11-15-2022 11:25
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    I am looking for some guidance in setting up Time Off Limits for an organization that already uses time off in Genesys. We currently have agents submit PTO in Genesys to write to their schedules, but we track the time off limits in another program. We are looking to condense these, however we are running into issues in our test environment. If I submit a time off request before the time off plans are created, the request will not show in the time off limit when I create them. I have to go back in and deny the request, then reapprove the request to get it to update. The issue with that is we are dealing with 100's of requests through the next year already. It would take a considerable time to do this all manually and would probably lead to several mistakes. Is there any suggestions to automate this process?

    Aaron Buckley

  • 2.  RE: Time Off Plans and Limits

    Posted 11-18-2022 12:36
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    Hi Aaron,

    I've reached out to find some help for you :-)


  • 3.  RE: Time Off Plans and Limits

    Posted 11-21-2022 08:55
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    Previously posted time off requests will not retroactively synchronize with newly created Time Off Limit/Plans.

    I'd recommend introducing your new time off limit process with a clean starting point, such as 1/1/2023, or a month/quarter break.  This will give you time to organize your time off plan/process, communicate within the operation how this is expected to work and implement the new process.

    Setup a testing group first and build out your process as below to understand how things might unfold in your business. 

    The configuration of automated time off is this: 

    1. Set Time Off Limits (
    2. Set Time Off Plans ( 
         a. counting against Time Off Limit
         b. set your Auto Approval rule. 
    3. Agents begin to Create/Add Time Off Requests ( 

    Be on the lookout for new features, soon we will be able to integrate with HRIS time off balances to help you further condense your process with people and balance management. 

    Let us know if you have follow up questions and how this turns out.

    Chuck Swain
    WEM Leadership

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