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  • 1.  Triggers

    Posted 09-28-2023 17:14

    We are looking to see if a trigger could be used for the following:

    1. At the end of a call we send the caller to a 3rd party survey vendor.
    2. Once the caller has completed the survey the 3rd party updates the attributes of the interaction.

    I have been trying to use the "{id}.attributes" from within the Trigger UI to capture the ConversationId of the updated interaction and send to a workflow.  

    My thought was to select an attribute that is only present if the the interaction was updated. I have yet to be successful.  

    • Is this possible with this Topic?
      • If it is, what should the defining conditions be if I was using:
        •  "SurveyName" : "Call Center Customer Satisfaction Survey"



    Byron Nelson
    Customer Operations System Administrator
    Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company
    Engage Cloud 2015 to 2021
    Cloud CX 2022 to Present

  • 2.  RE: Triggers

    Posted 09-29-2023 16:53{id}.attributes topic triggers when an attribute is updated

    Match criteria in your case should be

          "matchCriteria": [
              "jsonPath": "attributes['SurveyName']",
              "operator": "Contains",
              "value": "Call Center Customer Satisfaction Survey"



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