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Trivia Tower Week 5 - Answers Revealed!

  • 1.  Trivia Tower Week 5 - Answers Revealed!

    Posted 07-05-2022 14:27
    Edited by Matt Lawson 07-06-2022 15:55
    That's a wrap on our last week of the Trivia Tower Tourney! What a fun month watching you brainiacs answer some pretty tough questions on the gamut of subjects. Tomorrow we'll reveal the winners of the "Popup" events, as well as the overall tournament winner...could YOU be one of the winners or finalists??? If so, you're in for a treat because our Prize Wall has two tiers: A Tier One prize is up for grabs for the overall tournament winner, and Tier Two will have our finalists and pop-up event winners choosing one of its special items. I'm telling ya, this wall is pretty epic!

    And now for week five's Trivia answers: 

    1. If you go to, how many courses are listed in their catalogue? Answer: 201 < x < 300

    2. If you want to learn about available Genesys Cloud CX Beta Opportunities, where is a good place to go? Answer: Genesys Cloud Cx - Beta HQ Community

    3. Which of the following is NOT found on the resource center? Answer: WEM Roadmap or "Arrivals Board"

    4. Federated Search allows searching multiple data sources and getting results on a single page. What website allows you to search Genesys' Resources (Community, Beyond, Resource Center, etc.)? Answer:

    5. As of 6/30/202, how many use cases does Genesys Cloud have in the resource center? Answer: 22

    6. What is the most-viewed article in the Resource Center? Answer: The Release Notes

    7. Valtteri Bottas broke Formula 1's speed record at the Mexican Grand Prix in 2016. How fast was Valtteri racing? Answer: 231.4 mph

    8. Who scored the most points in a single NBA game? Answer: Wilt Chamberlin

    9. What sporting event was the most watched globally with 3.5 billion views? Answer: Tour De France

    10. As of May 1st, 2022, which song on Spotify had been streamed the most? Answer: Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

    11. What company employs the most workers globally? Answer: Walmart, Inc.

    12. Three of the following movies are tied for receiving the most Oscars (American ceremony). Which movie fell just short of 13 trophies? Answer: Godfather Pat II

    Those are the answers. Did you get any of them wrong? Let us know in the comments. After all, it's always nice to commiserate with others and share a learning moment. Until we reveal the winners tomorrow...good luck!

    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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