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  • 1.  USE of GDPR API's

    Posted 03-20-2023 08:34

    Does anyone have experience using the GDPR APIs to export and provide contact information when responding to compliance/data requests?

    My guess is that if this is to be human readable, that our Engineering team will have to build something to ingest the API results so that they can be provided to our compliance team.  

    I also can't find any reference, guide, information about what some of the folders and files in the result set are. 

    What are the "analytics, billing, and postino" folders and data?  I see the analytics data, but can't figure how it relates to a GDPR response. The billing file looks like a list of Genesys invoice numbers - irrelevant to GDPR.  The Postino files are email related, but it they are not transcripts of emails, transcripts are in the "recording" folder.

    And there doesn't seem to be anyone at Genesys that responds to data privacy questions or can give information and assistance to our Genesys account team.

    I have started a conversation with Genesys Customer Care.  Maybe they will have some info.

    #Data Privacy


    #Data Subject Requests 


    Diane Stephens
    Fanatics, LLC

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