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🎉📣📣 WEMAI month | Employee Performance & Engagement🎉📣📣

  • 1.  🎉📣📣 WEMAI month | Employee Performance & Engagement🎉📣📣

    Posted 05-22-2024 11:58

    Hey fellow WEMers,

    How is everyone doing this week, very well I hope 🤔

    Following on from our AI in Resource Management last week, we couldn't leave out our other friend - Employee Performance & Engagement.

    How can we benefit from it? I hear you shout!

    Well, let me show you what you might be missing out on:

    Employee Performance and Development

    Ø  Manage and track performance across contact center and external key performance indicators.

    Ø  Gamify and reward performance achievements and link to rewards both on and off the job.

    Ø  Help supervisors understand how individual and overall team performance is trending. Provide recommendations on areas of focus.

    Ø  Develop, train, and assess knowledge as it is delivered through personalized training plans for employees.

    Ø  Provide new employees with personalized development paths aligned to core role and profile outcomes.

    Ø  Lead and coach employees for higher performance. Either in person, remotely or through self-guidance.

    Enable Managers to Drive Employee Development and Engagement through Insights, Recommendations and Actions

    Engage with Employees

    Inform and Develop

    Empower Supervisors

    Expand gamification with contests to further engage and motivate.

    Collect feedback or get a pulse on employees through quick polls.

    Add capabilities for managers to recognize great performance.

    Inform agents about key updates and happenings through broadcast messages.

    Expand learning module capabilities to provide more comprehensive ways to train and develop employees.

    Provide managers with insights and recommended next best actions for every employee.

    Provide tools to guide employees on their development journey through coaching, mentoring, recognition, and targeted learning content.

    Enhanced Employee Experience

           See today's schedule.

           Stay in adherence and conformance:

           Take breaks and lunch at the specified time.

           View manager evaluations and provide feedback.

           Meet supervisor for coaching and mentoring.

           See 'My Performance' compared against objectives and peer performance.

           Get up-to-date on new policies & procedures.

           Complete learning content or work on personal development plan.

    Employee Coaching and Development

    Schedule Coaching Appointments

    1. Schedule Coaching from multiple locations within Genesys Cloud
      • Coaching allows Supervisors to package interactions with documents and notes for review as part of a format coaching session that is scheduled on the calendar.
    2. Add Description and Notes; Set Facilitator (Or Self Facilitated)
    3. Add Documents and Notes; More Interactions can be added to an existing appointment.
    4. Appointments can be Scheduled at the optimum Time, based on Staffing Difference reported from Workforce Management. 

    Learning Module Creation

    1.  Create Learning Modules to deliver content to Agents.  Genesys Cloud includes 6 pre-loaded Genesys Beyond courses.
    2.  Modules Types Supported
      • Content Only
      • Knowledge Assessment
      • Content combined with a Knowledge Assessment
    3. Modules can contain documents, external links, videos and more. Training Development teams can build detailed learning content directly in Genesys Cloud
    4. Any question-and-answer type experience can be created. For example:
      • Employee Survey
      • Quick Quiz

              Archive or Un-Archive Modules to keep the list manageable.

    Performance Management and Gamification

    Gamification Profiles: Translate KPI Results to Performance Points

    1. Select the set of metrics
      (in-built and external) to gauge employee performance.
    2. Define objective type and thresholds for each target.
    3. Translate KPI results to performance points in Gamification. 

    Activity: Scorecard

    1. Agents can see their total daily points and understand how they are trending long-term.
    2. Agents can score points for punctuality, based on their scheduled activities.
    3. Agents can view how their performance measures up against defined objectives.
    4. Agents can get insight into their monthly/quarterly trends.

    Gamified Quality Evaluation Metrics

    Balanced scorecard

    These new metrics will enable a more holistic and well-balanced view of the agent scorecard​​ by expanding the scope of metrics to include quality evaluation scores.

    Qualitative view of performance

    Agents and supervisors will be able to gauge and objectively measure performance based on the quality of what occurred during customer interactions.​

    Activity: Insights

    1. Supervisors can view overall team performance against goals in real-time and track changes in performance.
    2. Supervisors can easily identify who to focus on first and for what reason, without spending manual effort within/outside of Genesys Cloud.
    3. Supervisors can focus on each employee's personalized needs for more emphasis on employee engagement and performance improvement.

    Activity: Leaderboards

    1. Agents/Supervisors can select the leaderboard time frame.
    2. Agents/Supervisors can see a peer-based ranking of agents.
    3. Agents/Supervisors can view leaderboards based on total points or individual metrics.

    Supervisor:  Activity Overview

    Single and Centralized View

    Supervisors will be able to see an overview of all the information they need to better manage, grow, and engage with their agents.

    Stay Informed

    Supervisors will receive summary information on the status of their coaching & learning efforts and outlying performers, both good and bad.

    Drive Engagement

    Supervisors can easily identify who and what to focus on first, and for what reason, to build a culture of engaged agents.

    Agent Activity View in Salesforce

    Single Pane of Glass

    ·         Agents can perform all their important on queue and off-queue tasks from within a single pane of glass.

    ·         Agents can use the activity views from within Salesforce without launching the full Genesys Cloud experience.

    ·         Agents can access leaderboards as well as their scorecard, learning, evaluations, and schedule.

    No Code Solution

    Admins can embed the activity views into Salesforce Console with no integration code. *

    * 'Activity' component available in the existing Genesys Cloud App Package in Salesforce AppExchange

    And on the Roadmap:

    Employee Recognition - Recognize good behavior by giving employees a fast, fun, and standardized recognition as a 'Thank You', for 'Congratulations', for 'Performance', or for being aligned with 'Company Values'.​

    Scorecard Insights Improvements - The Insights view will include a wider variety of historical charts and averages.

    Supervisors will be able to filter the Insights view by direct reports to understand the performance of their agents and how they compare to other teams.

    Gamification Contests - Encourage agents to focus on specific metrics,
    drive KPI goals, foster competition and/or teamwork, incentivize top performers with prizes.

    As you know by now, I am not party to too much more info than this but keep an eye out for more information as we learn more here on the WEM Community!



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