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  • 1.  We're not "mad' for nominating this April Rockstar!

    Posted 05-10-2023 11:30
    Edited by Nicole Milliken 05-22-2023 09:46

    We didn't need to go too far down the rabbit hole to find this epic rockstar. This headliner has topped the Genesys community since 2003! Yep, you read that right – this inductee's first post in the community was twenty years ago.

    While there are so many reasons this person has been nominated – from the 4890 posts created to having 84 best answers to community questions – a fellow member @Joe Ulrich  had this to add: I just watched an awesome episode of Genesys Cloud Q&A Show labeled Developer Tools. (Our rockstar) was absolutely expert level in his knowledge and delivery of the information."

    But we are late, late, for a very important date, so let's reveal our Community Rockstar Inductee for April: Genesys Pro Services consultant @George Ganahl

    If you watch the Q&A Show, you'll know that George is a recurring star, and also one of our Above Average Joes. In the show, he loves to wear different hats literally and figuratively, so this poster designed by @Natalie Nobles  really captures the whimsy:

    Mad Hatter poster

    George, thank you SO very much for your decades of service to the Genesys community. You really are a perfect example of "the best way to explain it, is to do it!" Congratulations and please pick your prize from the Prize Wall.

    If any of you reading this are "curiouser and curiouser" to know how to nominate a member (or two) that really stand out in the community, click here!  Not only will they get an amazing custom-made poster, but they'll also be adorned with a new rockstar profile badge, ribbon, and get to take home a Prize Wall item of their choice. There are no limitations on how many members you can nominate, so show your fandom today! 

    Rock On.


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: We're not "mad' for nominating this April Rockstar!

    Posted 05-10-2023 15:36

    Wow, what an honor! Thank you!!!

    George Ganahl GCP (Genesys Cloud), CCXP
    Principal PS Consultant

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