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We've got WINNERS! And there will be more...

  • 1.  We've got WINNERS! And there will be more...

    Posted 01-20-2023 12:09
    What better way to ring in the new year by celebrating contest winners of the past. If you'll recall, Matt and I sent you a holiday card that had a little twist: there were blanks in the verses and we challenged you to guess the stat we were looking for. Whomever came the closest would win a prize from our Prize Wall! Below we have four new winners who will walk away with some epic prizes, so read on to see if the winner is you!


    This year was a joy with so much to like,
    We had 4,000 new members join the community's site!

    (Okay, so a little addendum here...we realize that the wording on this was somewhat confusing. Some members thought we were looking for growth in the individual communities, but we were actually asking for the growth site-wide. That makes @Manu Kandwal the winner with his guess of 865! Fun Fact: The Genesys Community site as a whole had 4,000 new profiles and the Genesys Cloud CX community alone had 965 new members. Impressive numbers, right?!


    While we all laughed and gave the events our best,
    We featured 36 wonderful colleagues as Q&A Show guests!

    That's a lot of demos and information-diamonds dropped for our community members. @Jean Lam was the closest with a guess of 25. Way to go!


    Twas fun to participate and have contests to play,
    We can't believe Nicole gave 38 number of prizes away!

    This stat even surprised me! So many winners, so many Prize Wall items in 2022. It is @Sheila Lyons who is going to take home another prize with her guess of 26 being the closest!


    And finally, we're finding it hard not to boast,
    But the Genesys Cloud CX community had 1537 number of new discussion posts!

    It seems appropriate that @Robert Wakefield-Carl would win this one, as he answers so many posts in our communities. His guess of 1784 was nearest to the right answer! Way to go, Robert, and thank you for always being a super user in our communities!

    That "wraps up" our winners and our holiday card contest. Winners: I'll be sending you a form to fill out for your Prize Wall pick shortly! Thank you for playing and congratulations! 

    In the meantime, we have another amazing way to win. Please nominate your Community Rockstar - these members who go above and beyond deserve to be recognized and we should all show some love to those who really step up to the plate to help us with questions and resources in our communities. It's one of the best ways to show these people you appreciate what they do. When you nominate someone, they will be up for a prize and will get made into eternal jpeg glory with a rockin' poster like the one below: 

    And finally, there's one more thing: for those of you who submitted to the "Slickest Rhyme" contest, we will announce the winner of that on the season premiere of the Q&A show coming up, so stay tuned! 

    Good luck to everyone and keep playing with us to win! We love giving prizes away!


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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