AMA Quality Assurance and Compliance

When:  Oct 20, 2021 from 09:00 to 15:00 (ET)

Do you want to learn more about Quality Management and Speech and text Analytics in the Contact Center. How to take the most advantage of the tools you already own to ensure quality and meet compliance or do you have any questions about Recording, evaluation forms, surveys, voice transcription, sentiment analysis, and topic spotting.
Join us on the 20th of October for an Ask Me Anything where Rakesh Tailor, Daniel Ho, Jose Ruiz, and Fay Lopez our WEM expert for Quality Assurance and Compliance will answer your questions around these topics.
Keep an eye on the community as we will be posting their profiles, so you get to meet them, other resources so you get acquainted with our solution, and the early summation of your questions if you are not part of the community.

A little learning goes a long way...

Of course, this is just a short preview of Quality Assurance and Compliance. Remember, you can specialize and refine your skills through Genesys Beyond courses. And you can always learn more about quality management in our Genesys Resource Center.
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