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Quizzes & Contests | Genesys Gamification Event Series

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Installing your nGAGEMENT platform with Genesys Cloud | Genesys Gamification Event Series

Using game mechanics, recognition and social media concepts, Genesys nGAGEMENT influences agents’ behaviors by leveraging people’s natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition in order to build intrinsic motivation and improve employee engagement. ...

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Setting up schedules in Genesys Cloud | Genesys Gamification Event Series

Creating effective and flexible schedules is the first step to maximizing your workforce management. It's also a necessary component to making the most out of your Genesys nGAGEMENT add-on. Assign the right employee, with the right skills, to the right job, at the right time. Artificial...

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Quizzes & Contests | Genesys Gamification Event Series

Keep your agents engaged, in both mind and spirit! Tools like quizzes and contests offer a different approach to assessing and bettering agent knowledge and performance, allowing users to better retain information and get instant recognition for their success. Learn more about how quizzes...

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KPIs & Sparks | Genesys Gamification Event Series

Gamification is not about playing games but using game concepts to enhance your agents experience. By gamifying KPIs and setting customized goals (or Sparks), contact center leadership can make and adjusting performance goals —both on a team and individual front — fun and exciting. Find...

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