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Genesys Cloud WEM | Monthly Recap // July 

08-03-2023 06:04

July 2023 

Hello, Community Members!
Genesys Cloud CX WEM team keeps working hard to deliver new and exciting features and capabilities! so let's take a look at what was released during this July for WEM.

Resource Management

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Employee Performance

Workforce management business unit and service goal template impact override settings

Workforce management implemented upper and lower service goal limits for future automated and self-scheduling features. Administrators can now configure these settings globally at the business unit level and at the lower level of the service goal template to help protect service goals for specific lines of business, where required. A future release will enable administrators to use an automated and self-scheduling functionality and know that the resulting impact is within a pre-approved service goal range. For more information, see Service goal templates overviewAdd a business unit, Add a service goal template, and Navigate through the service goal template page

Extended voice transcription services support for additional English dialects and German Switzerland

Extended voice transcription services support is now available for English Hong Kong (en-HK), English Ireland (en-IE), English New Zealand (en-NZ), and English Singapore (en-SG), and for German Switzerland (de-CH). Extended voice transcription services incur an additional cost per minute. Register for EVTS through the Genesys AppFoundry. For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages, and Configure voice transcription.

Agent evaluation details export generation for multiple agents

Supervisors can now generate an exported file of agent evaluation details for multiple agents in a single export. This feature enables supervisors to easily view and analyze completed and released evaluations for more than one agent during a specific time period. For more information, see Export view data. This feature requires no restriction by user or required user to access.

Increased limits for workforce management dimensions

Workforce management increased the maximum allowable number of some configuration items. With this release, the maximum value for business units per organization goes from 50 to 250, management units per business unit goes from 10 to 20, agents per business unit goes from 5,000 to 6,000, and agents per management unit goes from 1,500 to 2,000. Genesys did not adjust default limits. Administrators who wish to increase the limits in the organization must open a ticket with Customer Care. For more information, see Limits in the Developer Center

Improved native voice transcription accuracy for specific English dialects

Genesys Cloud improved native voice transcription accuracy for these English dialects:  Australia (en-AU), Great Britian (en-GB), United States (en-US), and South Africa (en-ZA). For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages

Sentiment analysis in Google Cloud Dialogflow CX integrations

Administrators and bot authors can now enable sentiment analysis in Google Cloud Dialogflow CX integrations. Sentiment analysis captures the perception of customer phrases and enables the organization to gain valuable insight into the customer experience and use the information to improve service delivery. For more information, see Configure and activate the Google Cloud Dialogflow CX integration in Genesys Cloud

Suppress call recordings during IVR flow and in-queue segments

Administrators and flow authors can now disable call recording during the IVR flow and waiting in queue portions of the interaction. This feature enables the organization to enhance consumer protection and manage privacy controls, and allows for more efficient recording, transcription, processing, and storage. For more information, see Call recording in Genesys Cloud overview

Topic miner Spanish language support

Topic miner is now available for Spain Spanish (es-ES) and United States and Latin America Spanish (es-US). This feature enables analysts to use the mined data to create new topics or improve existing topics, specifically for Spanish interactions. For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages

If you want to learn more about upcoming releases, feel free to reach out to the Product Management team and schedule a chat.

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