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Genesys Cloud WEM | Monthly Recap // August 

09-05-2023 06:25

August 2023 

Hello, Community Members!
Genesys Cloud CX WEM team keeps working hard to deliver new and exciting features and capabilities! so let's take a look at what was released during this August for WEM.

Resource Management

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Employee Performance

Copy and share interaction transcripts

Administrators can now copy entire interaction transcripts and share them with team members, colleagues, and clients. For more information, see Work with a voice transcript, and Work with a digital transcript.

Quality evaluation scores now available as a gamification metric

Agents can now see monthly quality evaluations schedule and performance in their Gamification scorecard. Agents can then measure their goals and objectives against the ones that their supervisor sets. For more information, see Configure gamification profile metrics, Agent activity overview, and Revise the score of an interaction. 

Additional voice transcription accuracy improvements for Japanese

Genesys Cloud improved voice transcription accuracy for Japanese (ja-JP). This improvement adds the ability to automatically boost the recognition of specific words and phrases through topic configuration. For more information, see Understand program, topics and phrases

Sensitive Data Masking for voice interactions

Genesys Cloud now masks sensitive data in voice interactions. When administrators enable this feature in their org settings, Genesys Cloud redacts the voice recordings sections and voice transcripts that contain PCI or PII data. To access this information, users must have the Recording > Recording > View Sensitive Data permission. Genesys Cloud only masks sensitive data for transcribed voice interactions. For more information, see Understand voice transcripts, Work with a voice transcript, Work with an interaction overview, and View an interaction’s details.

Extended voice transcription services support for Cantonese, Mandarin, and Taiwanese

Extended voice transcription services support is now available for Cantonese (zh-HK), Mandarin (zh-CN), and Taiwanese (zh-TW). Extended voice transcription services incur an additional cost per minute. Register for EVTS through the Genesys AppFoundry. For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages and Configure voice transcription.

Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Norwegian, and Swedish programs, topics, and phrases support

Programs, topics, and phrases support is now available for Danish Denmark (da-DK), Finnish Finland (fi-FI), Hebrew Israel (he-IL), Norwegian Norway (nb-NO), and Swedish Sweden (sv-SE). For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages. 

If you want to learn more about upcoming releases, feel free to reach out to the Product Management team and schedule a chat.

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