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Genesys Community Monthly Email (May 2020) 

09-14-2020 09:58

At these times, it's important to enjoy the little things, and yes, I did steal that concept from the 2009 film "Zombieland," but the sentiment has never been more relevant. This month's community newsletter is a love note to some of the small things that make our community great.

In this month’s newsletter, we cover:

  • WFM Events and Activities - Ask Me Anything event this week (5/28)! 
  • Genesys Community YouTube Channel - Thanks for 1k subscribers!
  • Thanks Cole Callahan for Your Service - Good luck in your next position!

WFM Ask Me Anything Event in the Community

Cancel the lights and cameras, let's focus on the action, and by action, I mean let's get down to business and answer your WFM questions.

Fresh from releasing a massive Genesys Cloud WFM feature set, Genesys' award-winning WEM/WFM teams are going to be in the WEM Community on May 28th between noon-3pm EST to answer your questions in a virtual Ask Me Anything (AMA) event. All questions are fair game!

If this is your first time attending one of our community's AMA events, welcome! Here's a brief overview of what an AMA is and how it works.

What is an AMA? An AMA is an online event where a group of experts are available in an online community to answer questions related to the experts' areas of interest.

How do you participate? Simply start a discussion in the WEM community before or during the AMA timeframe and our experts will reply ASAP. Feel free to submit a technical question, ask about the new features, or get to know our team on a professional level.

Have a question about how AMAs work? Reply to this email and I'll help you out.

For a more detailed overview of how the AMA works, check out my friend Marcela's post or visit the Community's AMA Page

You can start submitting your questions for the team now! Head over to the WEM Community to get started.

Thanks for 1k Subscribers!

This was a milestone that means a lot for the community team. We started producing episodes of the Q&A Show nearly one year ago and the channel has witnessed incredible growth during that time thanks to viewers like you!

We cannot overstate how much we appreciate everyone who has checked out one of our episodes, sent in a topic for us to discuss, or given one of our videos or community posts a like. We couldn't do it without you!

Did you know that the community supports more videos than just the Q&A Show? Don't worry, we're making it easier for you to keep up and get involved. We now have our own Genesys Community YouTube channel and we would love for you to hit that subscribe button!

On the channel you can discover: 

  • Our Entire Library of Q&A Show Episodes
  • The New DevCast series
  • Videos We've Made
  • Videos We've Liked
Have a question for the channel or know a topic that you would like for us to discuss? Always feel free to email

Thanks For Everything, Cole!

It's hard to believe, but our very own Community Assistant Cole is moving on from Genesys into a new role, and it wouldn't have been possible without you!

I think the first big project Cole and I collaborated on in the community, was the "Help Cole" contest where everyone could vote on how Cole, a recent college graduate, should consume his first webinar in a "professional" manner (I made the page live again so that you can get all of the details). 

Cole and I were both elated when the community rallied around this young buck and voted in droves to impart our "best advice" and set him off on the right foot...even if that foot wound up being in an Irish Pub and dressed in the finest Flea Market casual attire (hey, you picked the winning combination, not me).

That contest and so many other events introduced Cole to the joy that online communities can bring, which is always an interesting blend of education, entertainment, and interaction. I'm thrilled to announce that Cole is leaving Genesys to manage his own community - they grow up so fast. 

Cole and I both want to thank you for showing him a great community experience that he will remember fondly and carry with him for the rest of his career. 

Cheers to Cole, and thanks to all of you for your support and leaving such a contagious impression!

In Conclusion

Please continue to enjoy the community! It's amazing to witness small gestures go a long way. Just a few more shoutouts in closing: 

Congratulations to the Genesys Cloud Community for blowing past 1,500 members! Great to see the WEM Community growing rapidly to 250 members, and, wouldn't you know it, George Ganahl is nearing in on 5000 posts in the community! Maybe we can have a contest to guess when he'll hit the magic number. I just hope that I can create a new ribbon and email notification for him in time (I miss Cole already)!

Hope that you, your friends, family, and colleagues are all happy and healthy.


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