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  Genesys Cloud Q&A Show
- Episode 6 -

In this WEM/WFM Double Header, Matt meets with Marcela and Michele discuss the new WFM Features available on Genesys Cloud and WEM's emerging disciplines.

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  • Hey Everybody! The AMA is now closed, but we definitely hope to do more in the future. So stay tuned and always feel free to email if you have any suggestions or feedback for future events.  If you've seen the ...

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  • Thanks for the additional articles. I will definitely read and let you know if I have questions. Yes we are migrating out of InContact to PureCloud. I have been able to upload a forecast, but couldn't figure out how to blend. I thought I ...

  • It has nothing to do with an upublished schedule. There is no schedule for this agent for the day and yet they must have been in an On Queue status with the  "Working Outside Shift Considered Exception" option enabled. Essentially it is telling them 'hey, ...

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  • Hi Katie,  here are some thoughts on your three questions: 1.  what do do about channel surfing.  unfortunately, this is the new normal in many centers. As customers try to contact us in as many ways possible to either get the best answer or the fastest ...

  • Hi Susie, If the follow up work is sequential and can be done while the agents are still in ACW then the workload would be captured there and on a go forward basis, future inbound/voice forecasts would include that workload as part of the AHT.  I don't ...

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  • Haha, yeah, La La Land gave me similar expectations of traffic jams. In that case, I would pick a happy middle between the horror film and the fun movie: Ravenous ------------------------------ Marcela Areiza Genesys - Employees ----------- ...

  • Hi Kaylee, Thank you so much for your use case!  Yes, that is definitely something we have on our roadmap.  Once we have dates, I'll post an update. Thanks! ------------------------------ Michele Fisher Genesys - Employees Director, Product Management ...

  • Hi Trent, We have no plans to add or enhance Genesys Cloud/Connect microservices  moving forward.  Please stay tuned for further announcements later this year. Kind regards, Michele ------------------------------ Michele Fisher Genesys - Employees ...

  • Thank you ------------------------------ Tatjana Knezevic Star Telecom ------------------------------

  • Measuring the efficacy of your planning practice is something that should be a routine activity each week and should be jointly execute by your WF planning team and Operational leaders.  As Dan mentioned there are many factors that influence your planned ...

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