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    • It's official: we're twenty years into the new millennium. And as we enter the new "roaring 20's", we've already started to see changes take hold-especially in the workplace. This applies doubly for the contact center floor, where a rising need to provide ...

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      Agent Availability

      Hi all, In our organisation, we allow agents to give us their availability per week. They have to give us 25% more than their max. weekly paid hours. Since agent availability is not a feature in pruecloud I am using Time-Off to achieve this. However, ...

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    • The Primary activity will always have prioirty, the secondary activity is used for scheduling agents on Overtime on an activity that they can cover but not scheduled for and as 'backfill' if you select the Use Secondary Activities in the schedule build. ...

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      RE: Schedules

      ​I would also be interested in the answer to this, along with any suggestions for setting up phone time for agents who help at peak times in other Sites on WFM (so it positively impacts headcount etc in Intra-day) :) ------------------------------ Donna ...

    • Hi Thomas, Thanks, you have answered to my question. BR jeremy ------------------------------ Jeremy Monzo CERITEK ------------------------------

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