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    Hello Genesys Community! We are making Genesys Workforce Management more accessible! These updates are centered around highlighting when an object has focus in effort to make our platform compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). ...

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  • Hey guys! I was chatting with @Robert Beasley , our director of the WEM Sales Specialist group here at Genesys. He had a fantastic idea about potentially hosting a Genesys WEM User Conference! 🥳 We are looking for your feedback as we contemplate ...

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  • Enable the WEM Add-On for Virtual Event Prerequisites Billing  >  Subscription  >  Add  permission The WEM Add-On free trial consists of a two-month subscription with no commitment. You can cancel the free trial at any time. During the trial, ...

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  • Hi,  we are currently looking into how we might manage conflict resolution for processes that require both an Agent and a Supervisor, Coach, Trainer, Quality Manager ... to be scheduled for the same Activity.  To help us better understand how these ...

  • Thanks to all those who have provided input, and for those who haven't yet - - let's keep the feedback coming! 😊 ------------------------------ Faadia Rahaman Estes Genesys - Employees ---------------------- ...

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    RE: Set schedules?

    To go along with Paul's first paragraph I would suggest looking at the two expandable sections on the following article: - the second one in particular. Also a reminder to everyone that we should ...

  • Hi Fredrik, how are you? Have you already validated automation via architect with this option? you can manage the delivery using time intelligence, queue validity, opening and service, we have some projects in which the type of service is used Architect ...

  • Contact center Cards for bot conversations The new cards feature for bot conversations provides a more sophisticated description of products and services by introducing images, titles, body texts, and optional referrals to external websites. ...

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