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  • Hi ALL Not sure if ive missed reading something but with activity codes in WFM, can they not sync back to reflect the status the agent selected at the time? While i see the agent will go off queue, lets say for non scheduled work activity. In our org ...

  • Hi Cherith,  Within one of the contact centers in our organization my WFM team created an agent ranking system off specific metrics the department wanted to focus on. As a whole, the company wants to stay away from the term "bid". After years of HR research ...

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  • If the Service Goals (SLAs) are changed in a Mgt Unit, can you run a reschedule to determine the different agent requirement to reach that new Service Goal day-to-day? Say I want to change my SLA at lunch time, and i reschedule, will my intraday scheduling ...

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    RE: WFM reporting

    @Jay Langsford @michelle fisher - So overall there is no direct WFM reporting out of the box for Purecloud? Its either extract the csv or txt file? Would there be any view to be able to download the visual ​​​outputs what appears in the Purecloud UI ...

  • Hey Everyone, In case you haven't heard the PureConnect Community is having an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the topic of WEM. The great thing is that our group of WEM experts are happy to take their best shot at answering questions about anything! WEM ...

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