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  • Hi Geoff,  For PureEngage this will be part of the upcoming release, we were planning to release this in March however at requests of other customers are also including some security features which has delayed the release to our Premise Customers.  ...

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  • Examples of what we're seeing. Yesterday's early AM schedule without filters and with correct totals for Scheduled FTE: The same day and timeframe filtered by a workgroup. Both above and below sorted by earliest start of shift. As you can see the ...

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  • Hi Will, Shift trading in PureCloud will be a bit different than what was done in PureConnect. PureConnect's approach was to trade away partial shifts / time periods whereas PureCloud deals with trading full shifts, any day in the week (same day or any ...

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    ​We are new to Optimizer and trying to roll out to the agents.  We are getting the error "The following required header parameters were missing in the request: Cookie".  Any idea on what can be causing this error?​​ #WorkforceManagement ------------------------------ ...

  • Good Morning Bent There is some detail here in the PureCloud Resource Center , however to give you a little more information. To give you a little more context the model works in the following way.  There are four main components: Data Management: ...

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