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  Genesys Cloud Q&A Show
- Episode 6 -

In this WEM/WFM Double Header, Matt meets with Marcela and Michele discuss the new WFM Features available on Genesys Cloud and WEM's emerging disciplines.

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  • This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone that participated.  Happy June, WEM Community! It's officially summer! We have some hot days to look forward to, and some "hot" capabilities being released to Genesys Cloud WEM, as well. 😉 Towards ...

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  • Thanks Marcela and Team, It was a fun and challenging contest  😃. Regards, Sreekand ------------------------------ Sreekand Muthukrishnan Conn3ct ------------------------------

  • Hi We have found the cause of this seemingly erratic ASA Sch numbers. When forecast was run with high indirectly occupied time numbers (the example above was run with IOT of 15%), this resulted in random high ASA Sch numbers. When very low IOT was used, ...

  • Happy Tuesday, WEM Community Hunters! It’s time for your final Tipoff Tuesday post. Remember, the contest ends on July 30 th , at 20:00 EST and we will be announcing the winners on Friday, July 31 st . Order of arrival WILL be taken into account ...

  • Hey, WEM Community Hunters! Welcome to the first of your two extra Tipoff Tuesday posts ! Remember, th e contest now ends on July 30 th , at 20:00 EST and we will be announcing the winners on Friday, July 31 st . We cannot stress this enough: ...

  • Genesys Cloud WFM currently has no concept of a preferred/reoccurring/regular day off as submitted by the agent. If it is truly regular then I would say that communication between the agent and the scheduler can occur and a specific work plan for the ...

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  • Nothing really via the current tool. There is an idea that you can add votes to in Ideas Lab: ------------------------------ Jay Langsford Senior Director, Workforce Optimization Engineering ------- ...

  • Nothing really via the current tool. Both of these are ideas that you can add votes to in Ideas Lab: Agent availability: Agent preferences: ...

  • Happy Tuesday, WEM Community Hunters! We're in the home stretch now… or… wait! Haven't you heard? We've extended our Scavenger Hunt to the end of the month! 🎉 This means 2 more weeks of scavenging and 2 extra Tipoff Tuesdays for our WEM Community ...

  • Hi Jay, Thanks for your reply. Totally clear. Kind regards, Anouk ------------------------------ Anouk van Gaalen KPN B.V. ------------------------------

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