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Score a 60-day free trial of the new nGAGEMENT solution and learn about the Gamification Event Series in this week's episode.

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  • Community members and friends! Welcome to the Genesys Gamification Event Series! We're excited to start this event, get the opportunity to interact with all of you and share our excitement over Genesys' gamification capabilities.   If ...

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  • Hi @Dan Fontaine , Thanks for letting me know about the links! I've fixed them so they should be working now. If not, you can also find the registration links in our Helpful Links panel on the right in the Community homepage , under " Gamification Event ...

  • HI, Below my comments : 1/An idea exists (please promote this idea) 2/ If anyone have comments feedback regarding my wondering. thanks jeremy

  • If you were asked what was the best way to motivate your agents, you might say by offering a substantial reward. This is true, to an extent. Sometimes, positive reinforcement (such as praise or recognition) is enough to keep a workforce engaged and productive. ...

  • At first glance, you might think gamification equals playing games. However, gamification is about using game concepts to enhance your experience, but the results to stand to gain are very serious business. When you gamify KPIs and make reaching goals ...

  • What's the best way to improve? That's a tough question. It varies from person to person. However, it's a well-known fact that having visibility into your progress helps keep you motivated and focused on your ultimate goal. This is where leaderboards ...

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  • Crafting a powerful agent experience isn't that far off from creating a satisfying user experience. Genesys nGAGEMENT aims to create an environment that agents will find fun, easy and pleasant to use. Ultimately, a n engaged workforce improves customer ...

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  • Scheduling in a call center can be tricky. You need to take into account forecast expected call volume to createschedules that match anticipated needs. But you also need to remain flexible for when unexpected events come up, such as sick days, time off ...

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  • Hello, Community members! Just wanted to drop by and let you know about an exciting event coming to the WEM Community . Starting on September 16 th , we will be holding the Genesys Gamification Event Series ! What is the Genesys Gamification ...

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  • For me, I'd want to be ensuring I have enough employees available for forecasted (or current known) list volumes. BUT, really, I want those agents to be scheduled at the best times in terms of connection and right party contact rates so being able to ...

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