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  • Trade Alternative Shifts for Enhanced Workforce Management Hello, WEMers and community members! We are excited to announce the launch of Trade with Alternative Shifts from the System , providing agents with more ...

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  • Check out our next webinars > Genesys CX WEM Customer Demo Series 👉🏻 Join us for this series of GenesysCloudCX WEM demo sessions, specifically tailored for you! We'll explore WFM , QualityAssurance , and ...

  • Hello, Community! We are exploring the value of screen recording, and to limit exposure to a customer's extensive CRM data that is present on screen compared to that exposed in a voice recording/transcript, we'd like to see if anyone has a solution for: ...

  • Up :) ------------------------------ Breno Canyggia Ferreira Marreco ------------------------------

  • I am curious what came of this. Did your team ever get it up and running? ------------------------------ Ryan Cheesman Senior Manager, IT Integration Services Tandem Diabetes Care Inc. | positively different ------------------------------

  • Hi Luis, the merging of the call into one single file for download is something we would consider in the future, however, at this point it is not planned on the roadmap. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ Fred Huang, Product ...

  • Hi Everyone, Looking for feedback from those who are using the activity equivalency setting under the WFM Management Unit configuration. We currently don't have this setting enabled and I'm curious what you would consider the pros and cons of enabling ...

  • Hi @Paul Wood Thank you for your answer! I will give this a try and vote on the idea! ------------------------------ Viivi Tiainen Advania Finland Oy ------------------------------

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