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  • Community members and friends! Welcome to the Genesys Gamification Event Series! We're excited to start this event, get the opportunity to interact with all of you and share our excitement over Genesys' gamification capabilities.   If ...

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  • Hi I need to link a new forecast to an existing schedule. Is there a way to do that? Scaling existing forecast is not an option, as the intra-day pattern for the whole week has completely changed and it will be too time consuming to change each 15 min ...

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    Transfer Rate

    Hello, I am interested in industry standards on transfer rates and how you measure success.  Do you have a goal for transfer rate in your contact centers? #IndustryTopic ------------------------------ Lisa Cummings AdaptHealth LLC ---------------- ...

  • Hello community members! We are getting set to launch the beta for the new Topic Spotting functionality in Genesys Cloud Speech Analytics and are looking for customers to join the beta. With this feature, you'll be to: Detect when specific ...

  • We haven't changed yet. We are waiting to see how things go early next year. For sure either a change in SLA or headcount. ------------------------------ Greg Barrett Outdoor Network, LLC ------------------------------

  • Have you heard from any of our customers of any trends related to Service Level over the past year? We have one customer who made a change from 80/30 to 80/60, and they are wondering if we have seen others do the same? #WorkforceManagement ------------------------------ ...

  • I think adding the schedule adherence metric to the Agent My Performance would be powerful.  They can currently see their status and schedule and aligning the two would show them the disparity. Is the only reporting in Historical Adherence? ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Queue Activity

    We are using dashboards, but agents are at home and dashboards take up a lot of screen space, it would be great if there was a small box in a corner of the screen that would show the # of calls waiting.  Is there anything like that?​ ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello, Community members. Today we have released a new feature in our Genesys Cloud Coaching capabilities. This new enhancement allows supervisors and quality managers to deliver more effective coaching sessions by taking into consideration multiple ...

  • Thank you for confirming.  It is really nice when we can be definitive with the agents and your confirmation is very helpful.  PureCloud is still new for our organization but in the last two months we have been pushing for 90% Schedule Adherence. ------------------------------ ...

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