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  Q&A Show: Gamification and Coaching

Learn about two WEM features native to Genesys Cloud:
The Gamification System, and
the new Coaching Feature.

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  • Hey WEM Community members! As you may have heard, the 2021 Gartner WEM MQ is here! 🎉 This has been especially exciting for us at Genesys because Gartner has named Genesys a WEM Visionary (for the second year in a row!), which closely reflects ...

  • Hi Natalia, Please can you inform me when Topic analysis will be available for digital channels ?  ​ Kind Regards, Kirti ------------------------------ Kirti Chaddha British Telecommunications PLC ------------------------------

  • Hi Hou What version of Stat Server are you using for WFM?  If it's an older version, you should check the release notes as I know a few defects were addressed going back about 2 years that would have been causing some WFM statistics to not be what you ...

  • Rhea, The "budget" icon is not available in the New UI (Forecast module). If you want to convert staffing hours to FTE, then this still needs to be done within the Classic UI under "About | Settings..."  Locate the setting for "FRC_STAFFING_USE_MANHOURS" ...

  • Hi Daniel,  So my dilemma is not necessarily what happens in the future, but rather what happens with all the historical data. For example lets say I have a planning group that I have been using for 9 months.  We find that starting next week we need ...

  • Hi Outi, You don't need to to re-publish as you should get a notification telling you that your schedule has changed when it is accepted. In fact both persons trading shifts will be notified with schedule changes. Below is a screenshot of what you should ...

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  • Thanks Sean. ------------------------------ Martin Bunting i3Vision Technologies Inc. ------------------------------

  • Thanks Jay for that. I would have still assumed that all paid activities of the scheduled day would count automatically towards the total paid off time. I guess this will become clearer when time off accrual is released. This is clear for now. thanks ...

  • In a recent study by LinkedIn, 64% of Learning & Development (L&D) professionals globally agree that  L&D has shifted from a "nice to have" to a "need to have" in 2021 . With the rapid shift to remote work and the growing demand of new digital customer ...

  • Thank you Hichem, Alas, we are on Engage Cloud, so I am afraid this new mobile app will not apply to us. I can tell you that Adherence/Conformance is a sore spot in Engage Cloud. ------------------------------ ZoeBeatty Workforce Management Specialist ...

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