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  • Good Morning Bent There is some detail here in the PureCloud Resource Center , however to give you a little more information. To give you a little more context the model works in the following way.  There are four main components: Data Management: ...

  • Hi Karin--  Thanks for the note.  It *is* very interesting-- we are doing something pretty cool here.  We are developing so the best algorithms and features will be made available to all platforms.  Cam's right, Pure Engage will get it, but Amex has Decisions, ...

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    Hi all, He have just successfully launched Genesys WFM as part of a larger implementation in one of our markets. While configuring WFM we noticed a lot of manual effort and were advised to utilize the WFM API to automate some of the processes. While ...

  • Hi Sorin, I would recommend you take a look at the WFM Admin guide and the Supervisor help books to help point you in the right direction of how you should configure the Email Interactions as Deferred work and how WFM handles the different types of interactions ...

  • No problems :) Typically if the agents belong to the same physical center, they should be grouped under a single site, with teams if required. This will allow you to see everything in once place and make the configuration a lot easier.  ------------------------------ ...

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