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  • 📢The #Genesys #WEM team has been busy! We have been working hard preparing 6 sessions to talk about Genesys WEM and how to Unleash Employees' Superpowers, driving Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Contact Center and Beyond at #Xperience23 ...

  • We will be introducing a HRIS integration that will allow communication between Genesys Cloud and any external HR system. This integration will pull the agents' time-off balances from the HR system and auto approvals of time-off can be setup based on ...

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  • will you live broadcast online as well? ------------------------------ Annica Luo Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Hello- I am looking for guidance on how I can better understand the upcoming releases. There are some exciting changes for our WFM teams potentially scheduled for the June 7th release. In the description it is vague on what is actually changing. They ...

  • Hey everyone! I hope you all have all been playing in the fun WEM-themed Trivia Tower event! Today is the last day to get your answers in and don't forget to post your answer to the bonus question, it will determine the winner! #Gamification ...

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  • Transferred interactions, or other interactions that have multiple wrap-up sessions, could also be a factor, but the best path forward would be to go through Customer Care. They can help you triage this and account for the difference. It's difficult to ...

  • Is it possible to use the native calendar sync function to connect to your primary outlook calendar? Today it appears you can only create a new calendar when using the URL to sync. Also it would be great if we could sync only certain items like Training, ...

  • Hi Cherri, Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I expected the Tempo app to be widely used and was curious about the running late functionality as it felt like it could be really popular with agents so it's interesting ...

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