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  • Hi, I've made a custom button in WDE which will set up a call directly to customer by: GetChainOfCommandByName("MediaVoiceMakeCall").Execute(parameters); I works fine but I need also to promote call to type: business. Is there a way to do it programmatically ... More

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    WFH setup Issue

    I have configured WFH setup but am getting a error, outbound call is not working it shows (destination busy) and also inbound call is coming to that agent mobile after 2secs the call is disconnect automatically in the agent and its like missed calls. ... More

  • Hi, Am trying to insert chat message in chat message box using inject javascript in WWE. Can any one please help how to insert the chat message in message box or how we can use inject javascript. Please help with the samples. Thank you. #Implementation ... More

  • Hello everyone, I need your help to find a way to transfer an email, with #attachment , to an external address. I need to be authentificate (a know sender email address) on SMTP to send an email. So I cannot keep the original sender for the transfer. ... More

  • Hello, As per pen testing, Pulse jQuery version detected as vulnerable from customer, currently jQuery version is 3.5.1 which is old as per customer. Need to upgrade the version, as the jQuery is embedded with pulse application, is there any latest ... More

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