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  • Hi, I would like to allow agents to add notes to voice interactions even though there was no connection. Unfortunately NotepadView is displayed only when call is established. Is there a way to customize this condition? I would not want to replace original ... More

  • Hello Team, We have Genesys engage On-prem 8.5 user A make call to User B for As Internal calling ( Voice Is not reaching inbetween both user) If user A or B Hold the call and unhold call then both user is getting voice and able to listen. ... More

  • Hello All, I have an issue would like to share here in this community for your valuable suggestions. One of my business team placing the test call on prod TFN after entering the details, System is asking would you like to transfer the call to Vmail ... More

  • Hi Team, Hope you are doing fine, had a query around GPlus Adapter for Salesforce. Does Genesys WWE Status sync with SFDC Omnichannel? For e.g. if an inbound call is routed to an agent using Salesforce as UI (using GPlus), as SFDC has its own Omnichannel ... More

  • Hello All , I have a problem with the plugin eServicesManager for GAX , when i try to open it , i have an this error message as a notification " A problem occurred while retrieving data from the Server. Can't get languages from Configuration" , ... More

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