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  • Hi, Q: Is there any possibility to add new custom fields e.g Creation date, Gender while creating a person using CME, GAX, or GAdmin? Q: Is there any possibility to view these custom fields created using (CME, GAX, or GAdmin) in Speechminer and QM ... More

  • Dear All, has somebody help with identifying this warning received in WDE during a whatsapp conversation, and also identified in BGS logs? '_umsResExtText'='Hub error. Try to send the message later', 'message-code'='902', 'message-text'='rejected by ... More

  • Hi, I am currently working on a subject, concerning WDE customization, in order to be able to recover a record from a recall campaign. I manage to work with the records of the ocs, however I would like to be able to request a specific recall from the ... More

  • Hello All, We are encountering this error :   " Unable to process data (connection ID: 10, prototype: 4, request ID: 1777209, interaction ID: 'L164985680899700', field: 'flexible_properties'); Can't unpack BLOB binary data " when trying to put interaction ... More

  • Hi Team, Do we have a comparison between Seat enabled, Named user and Concurrent licenses which can be shared with customers who need to convert the existing perpetual to the subscription? Pls help #Unsure/Other ------------------------------ Ramprabhu ... More

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