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  • Hello all. As in subject, may I customize the History-Info parameter when routing (like TRoute) a call from an IRD strategy (URS8.1.4 SIPSERVER 8.1.1) to a geographic external number? currently in that information sip logs shows the dnis where the strategy ... More

  • Hello everyone, I have an scenario where I want to record an audio and send it to a third party service just after being recorded and during execution of the callflow. A very simple callflow will be like the one I show here. User utterance is recorded ... More

  • Hello, I have occasional avail problems in my campaigns. Based on this, in my control; I see high amount of events delay value in OCS logs. What does this mean? #Outbound ------------------------------ BAHADIR TURAN AssisTT ------------------ ... More

  • Hi, We are currently using CYARA to help test our IVR that routes to an agent. They currently don't have the capability to automate WDE workspace to test our eService. Is there a tool that is used by your QM team? #AskaCustomer ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi everyone, I'm looking for any Genesys Engage customers to connect who are thinking of upgrading their Genesys Engage system to Genesys Cloud. We're in the process of evaluation an upgrading/updating to GC and would love to talk to others in the ... More

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