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skill setting to multiple Agent´s

  • 1.  skill setting to multiple Agent´s

    Posted 14 days ago
    is there a way to assign the same skills to multiple agents at the same time instead of editing each one individually?

    Thank you in advance - Hermann

    Hermann Pollkläsener
    Bosch Service Solutions

  • 2.  RE: skill setting to multiple Agent´s

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 14 days ago
    Skills can be inherited from workgroups where the proficiency and desire to use would be set at the work group level.

    You can also assign skills in directory services using handlers, so you could create some fairly complex and interesting things with handlers, as well.

    Aaron Lael
    State of Utah

  • 3.  RE: skill setting to multiple Agent´s

    Posted 11 days ago

    What are you trying to do, is this for initial setup or do you routinely change skills for agents? As Aaron points out I have some customers who assign the skills to the workgroup defaulting skills to agents but of course then you need to go into each user to adjust the skills to the proper level. If what you want to set it fairly complicated then handlers, or IceLIB/ICWS may be your ticket. It should be fairly easy to write something which would consume a CSV file with the users and the skills they need to be assigned and have the program do it in batches.



    Mark Tatera

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