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Cannot access voicemail from Agent Desktop

  • 1.  Cannot access voicemail from Agent Desktop

    Posted 01-21-2022 14:34
    I have created routing logic in my Designer application that sends the call to a specific mailbox (which has been assigned to a virtual agent group). This piece is working. I reach the mailbox and I am able to leave a message. However, my test agent is not able to retrieve that message. In Agent Desktop, the agent can see the Voicemail indicator in the side menu, and can see that there is a message. However, when I select the message to listen to it, an error appears indicating the 'Voicemail access number is not defined. Voicemail is not accessible. Please contact your administrator.'  I have reviewed the Genesys documentation and I do not see any reference to an access number. When I review the mailbox settings in Agent Setup, I don't see any reference to an access number either. If it matters we are using the Genesys Softphone with WebRTC as our softphone.

    Does anyone know where to view and set the access number?



    Trudy Dobbelaere
    Avtex Solutions, LLC

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