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  • 1.  WDE customization on 'ToolbarHamburgerButtonRegion' Region

    Posted 12-11-2019 10:06
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    I Added a menu item in the hamburger menu, and I am looking for a way to click on this menu item and open a custom View I created in the 'ToolbarWorkplaceRegion' region, but I need some guide into how to implement this functionality 

    Thanks in advance and Regards 


    Roxana Trevino Limon
    Kaplan University

  • 2.  RE: WDE customization on 'ToolbarHamburgerButtonRegion' Region

    Posted 06-27-2023 10:29

    Hello Roxana,

    we found a way to show the view using viewManager.ActivateViewInRegion(null, "ToolbarWorksheetRegion", "MyView"), but it does not work if our option is the first to be selected. It does work if you open another view and then change to ours.

    It seems it could be related with something that we see in the logs as:

    ToolbarWindow - ManagementShowHidePanelRight toolbarWorksheetContentControl:'Visible' 

    And we also realised that ToolbarWindow.IsVisibleContent() is false if our option is the first to be selected and true when other is selected before.

    Did you manage to solve this?

    Does anyone know how to change isVisibleContent?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ricardo Sosa.

    Ricardo Sosa
    PlusNet Solutions, S.L.

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