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  • 1.  Recording Solution

    Posted 03-08-2022 01:46

    Hi Team,

    One of our existing BFSI customer in India using Engage premise with Nice Recording. The active recording is being used where the RTP streaming is done by MCP only after the call is connected. 

    Now Customer's ask is to record the ringing tones as well specifically for the Manual calls placed by the Agents We had a discussion with our Care teams/Product teams and Nice technical team as well. But couldn't find a solution.

    Request your help and support here




    Ramprabhu Umapathy
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: Recording Solution

    Posted 03-08-2022 08:32

    Hi Ram


    The option is see is to do a passive recording at Trunk level.





    Santosh Sundaram


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  • 3.  RE: Recording Solution

    Posted 03-09-2022 05:31


    We are using the same configuration as you  ( Nice Engage Active recording and mcp for dual streaming) 
    In order to record a pre-establish call  ( ringing, answering machine ... ) you should record the IVR port.

    If you are using WDE you can force outgoing calls to be called out using RP by configuring the following
    intercommunication.voice.routing-points= DN@SWITCH
    intercommunication.voice.routing-based-targets= TypeDestination

    On the DN you should place a strategy that route the call to IVR profile .

    Our Use case:
    We have been asked to record a technician calls that notify the costumer that he is about to arrive.

    The solution: 
    To bridge the technician call with an IVR port that call to the customer.

    We did the following:
     1.configure X ports as a Voice treatment port and configured those ports in Nice (as an extension and virtual feck users as well)
     2. developed an IRD strategy that route the call to a place group that contain those ports I have mention before.
    3. On each VT port we configure the IVR profile and some other configuration data within the DN Annex so if a call is place to the VT its triggering a bridge vxml application.
    4. developed IRD macro to login those ports with a feck agent (mimic an agent login process)
    5.devloped a bridge application in vxml (GVP) that get a number from a user-date , call the costumer and bridge the call with the technician via the VT port ( and update some user data to enrich NICE business data).

    In our case we have a bridge call with 3 parties: Technician , VT port, customer.

    Back to your use case:
    If the outbound call routed to a RP ( WDE configuration ) you can use the same concept and record the call from the ringing to the answered
    I don't know if you can disconnect the call from the IVR and keep only the agent leg of the call – I think that the call will be recorded twice in NICE (the IVR recording and agent extension recording) you have to test it.

    Hope it was helpful.

    Best Regards,





    Zvika Bourshan

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