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Create an app for AppFoundry using Genesys Engagement

  • 1.  Create an app for AppFoundry using Genesys Engagement

    Posted 11-23-2021 22:25

    Hi everyone! Im a super newbie here. :) I would like to know more about the tools that we are going to use in application development for AppFoundry. I have read the documentation and its pointing to a tool in order to start the development. 

    Here are some guides I got from the page:

    The following diagram describes the development workflow for a Web Engagement application.

    1. Create your application
      Tool: Web Engagement Scripts
      Description: For each application you must use script tools to create and configure your customized Web Engagement application.
    2. Start the Web Engagement Servers
      Tool: Web Engagement Scripts.
      Description: To be able to deploy resources or rules and use the Web Engagement Management tool, you must start the Web Engagement Servers.

      My question is how to setup the development of Web Engagement? What tools shouldI use? Where should I download those tools?



    Adam Winchester
    Human Pixel Pty Ltd