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WDE, how to Mark Done an E-mail interaction with code

  • 1.  WDE, how to Mark Done an E-mail interaction with code

    Posted 10-14-2020 02:49
    Edited by Cristobal Espinosa 10-14-2020 02:59

       In our customization of WDE, we need to finalize and mark as done some inbound e-mails without the intervention of the agent (just what the "Mark Done" button does, but with code instead of pressing the button), in certain circumstances we have to do it automatically. We have been studying the WDE and Genesys SDK but we have found nothing about how to achieve this, the interaction classes don't seem to have any method that does this when it seems logical that there has to be something.

      Some things we have tried without success:

    - Releasing the interaction.

    - Different commands in the chain of command:
    ICommandManager commandManager = container.Resolve<ICommandManager>();

    IChainOfCommand CommandMarkDone = container.Resolve<ICommandManager>().GetChainOfCommandByName("InteractionEmailMarkDoneById");


    IChainOfCommand CommandClose = container.Resolve<ICommandManager>().GetChainOfCommandByName("InteractionEmailClose");
    Utils.ExecuteAsynchronousCommand(CommandClose, parameters);

    Thank you, best regards
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    Cristobal Espinosa
    Telefonica Soluciones de Informatica

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