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  • 1.  WDE in citrix with standalone Genesys SIP endpoint

    Posted 04-25-2022 10:11
    I am working on a deployment for WDE v8.5 in citrix (xendesktop) with a standalone SIP endpoint installed on the local workstation.
    To start with we are connecting to citrix using a VPN.
    We have also configured the WDE sipendpoint 'standalone' options in GAX (i have used documented settings such as port 8000, protocol=https, certificate thumprint value also present).

    when testing..
    WDE in citrix is connecting to backend Genesys servers ok.
    We can login and navigate to the place selection step.
    When selecting a place we cannot proceed further.

    on checking logs..
    The sipendpoint starts successfully and opens port 8000 then waiting for connections.
    In WDE logs there is a discover VDI client name, presumably this is WDE asking citrix what it needs to do to connect to the sip endpoint?  i dont know what the result value provided below means but not seeing any communication established between WDE and the sip endpoint.  I have tried changing wde standalone settings (useDNS to true and false tested), vdi type = auto and xendesktop both attempted but without any luck. 
    (from standalone sip endpoint log)
    DiscoverVDIClientName() in

    DiscoverCitrixClientName() in
    DiscoverCitrixClientName() out -- result: HTML-2085-0099
    DiscoverClientName() out -- result: HTML-2085-0099

    We have network connectivity opened between wde/citrix and vpn.
    What i cannot see in Genesys docs is any citrix configuration required for this implementation to work.  
    for example the citrix workspace app is installed on the local workstation and running but stuck on the 'welcome to citrix workspace' with a blank field for 'enter your store url or email address'.
    It feels like there is further (citrix) work to be done but not clear as to what or what i should be looking out for.
    Are there any links or docs i should be working through to complete the integration?

    Wasim Altaf
    Capita IT Services Ltd.

  • 2.  RE: WDE in citrix with standalone Genesys SIP endpoint

    Posted 05-17-2022 06:08

    Hi Wasim,

    Thanks for contacting us and sorry for the delay in response. We recommend that you open a support request with Genesys Customer Care to troubleshoot this issue because it relates to advanced network communication analysis, log review, and more. Meanwhile, we would like to reiterate that the architecture with Workspace SIP Endpoint running against a VDI environment is not designed to fit all the types of customer networks. The communication from WDE that runs in VDI to Workspace SIP Endpoint that runs locally cannot be successful always. Subsequent to that, a new architecture was introduced based on Genesys Softphone that is closer to the industry standard for the support of VoIP in a VDI environment. This architecture ensures better connectivity between the local workstation and the VDI session. To learn more, refer to this page -

    Genesys Information Experience

    Sandhya Ravindran
    Genesys - Employees

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