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Zoom into: Topic manager and Topic spotting

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  • 1.  Zoom into: Topic manager and Topic spotting

    Posted 02-11-2021 11:50
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    Hello, Community members
    Today we're happy to share our advancements in our speech and text analytics capability, now supervisors, quality managers,s and quality evaluators will be even more empowered to uncover insights around customer and agent trends.
    Introducing Topic manager and Topic spotting
    Speech and text analytics use programs, topics, and phrases to define a set of instructions utilize to perform recognition and analysis, to automatically identify and tag interactions associated with a specific business issue and provide analytics about the customer's motivation and goal.
    With our new features supervisor, managers, and master admins will have the ability to define programs, phrases, and topics that should be detected by the Speech and text subsystem, that later will be visualized in the interaction overview user interface where Quality evaluators and manager can search for specific topics during the interaction to be displayed and analyze.
    How to get started with the Topic manager and topic spotting supporting assets
    Key features
    A phrase is a group of words that stand together in a grammatical unit containing an idea or statement, that outlines the various ways in which a topic can be expressed and helps you identify the type of interactions you want to analyze. 
    A cluster of phrases integrates a topic that represents a specific intent which means that the more phrases the stronger the overall recognition power of the specific topic
    Topics are a collection of phrases that indicate a business-level intent detected within interactions. 
    What are Business level intents: they could be a call reason (e.g. Cancellation), an agent skill (e.g. Upsell Attempt), or an indication of customer dissatisfaction (e.g. Escalation). This means you could create a topic named, like Cancellation with a number of phrases including: "close out my account" or "I wish to cancel" and so forth as customers and agents have numerous ways to signal a business intent based on the words and phrases they say. As a result, a Topic contains a set of phrases that indicate that business-level event. 
    Program is defined by a set of Topics, about business-level intents, to detect in recorded conversations between interaction participants, based on the Queue or Flow.
    A little learning goes a long way
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