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  • 1.  Automatic Time Zone Mapping feature?

    Posted 02-14-2018 18:43

    PureCloud announced to me today "Coming Soon: Automatic Time Zone Mapping." Continuing, "Contact list exports will soon contain additional fields for the new automatic time zone mapping feature. This feature is supported in the United States, Canadian, and Caribbean area codes." ... My question is: What new automatic time zone mapping feature? There's no information in the resource center (that I've yet found) for a feature that is "automatic." There's no description of whether this will begin as soon as Genesys does its weekly release, or if the feature will need to be specifically engaged. What's the scoop? What disruptions do we need to plan for?

  • 2.  RE: Automatic Time Zone Mapping feature?

    Posted 02-14-2018 19:42

    Automatic Time Zone Mapping will be completely optional. The only thing that is not optional will be additional columns added to the contact list upon import. So when a contact list is exported, each phone number will have a new time zone column directly after it showing what time zone that phone number is assigned to. If you do not choose to use this feature and do not export contact lists, you will not see a change. If you choose not to use the feature but DO export contact lists, you'll see the additional columns and they will be blank. Hope this helps!

  • 3.  RE: Automatic Time Zone Mapping feature?

    Posted 02-14-2018 19:49

    Sweet. So. How does it work? It sounds like a cool feature. Does it have any provisions for the growing number of mobile phones that move with people outside the geographic area served by the device's NPA? Figure that's too much to ask, but had to try. 😀

  • 4.  RE: Automatic Time Zone Mapping feature?

    Posted 02-14-2018 20:42

    Glad you asked! We built it with just that in mind 😁 We've purchased a continuously updated data source for not only phone numbers (with exchanges) but zip codes as well. As long as you are uploading a zip code with your records, we'll actually go through and determine the "safe" time to call that record. This way if your customer lives in NY and has a cell phone number from California and work phone in Iowa, you can be sure that we won't call them unless it's between 8am and 9pm in all three time zones. So basically, 11am to 9pm ET. Here's a sneak peek! (sorry if it's too small, that's the largest format I could paste in here)Automatic time zone mapping preview

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