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  • 1.  ACD email routing setup help ambiguity

    Posted 12-20-2017 16:56

    The Resource Center article on ACD email routing setup ( is presenting 4 setup options based on wether you want / need to use an existing address / domain,...

    Option 2 (Send emails to customers using the mypurecloud domain, and keep copies of received messages on your mail server) and Option 4 (Send emails using your own domain and email addresses. Register your domain with PureCloud to handle email routing, but redirect inbound messages to the registered domain) both mention setting the 'From Email' field in your PureCloud domain config.

    Which field is this referring to ? There's no 'From Email' field in the PC email address config page, only the 'Email Address', 'From Name' and 'Reply to Address'.

    Some more explanations and / or examples would be welcome.



  • 2.  RE: ACD email routing setup help ambiguity

    Posted 12-20-2017 19:54

    Good catch, we will fix up the documentation. The "From Email" field refers to the field called "Reply To" - it was originally called "From Email" and it appears that the documentation wasn't updated in a few places.

  • 3.  RE: ACD email routing setup help ambiguity

    Posted 12-21-2017 09:11

    Thanks for the quick answer.