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  • 1.  Architect Update Data Skills

    Posted 11-29-2017 12:35


    I want to use an update data action to set the skills of a call. (Can also be set via 'transfer to acd' i know).

    See under 'acd skills'


    Ive tried it as Collection and every skill in separate variable..

    2017-11-29 13_31_07-Test Skill Based Routing - 16.0Skills are not shown in Analytics view and are not stored in the interaction (i've checked it with Postman)


    2017-11-29 13_34_02-Test Skill Based Routing - 17.0


    Am i missing a step?


  • 2.  RE: Architect Update Data Skills

    Posted 12-01-2017 13:58

    The only way to get the skills onto a call is with the Transfer to ACD action. You could use the Update Data action to set skill variables that the transfer action would then utilize.


    Something like this, in the update data set one or more skill variables.



    Then in the transfer action, you can add one or more skill fields and then switch the fields to expression where you can specify the variables you set in the update data.



    Unfortunately you couldn't use a collection variable because the transfer action is expecting a specific known number of skills at design time. You could set the expression to something like this: GetAt(Task.skillCollection, 0), but that still requires you to know exactly how many skills you will be setting.

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