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  • 1.  Repeat menu in an In-Queue Flow

    Posted 10-13-2017 20:03



    If we create a menu in a Queue Flow (using Collect Input and a Switch), it seems impossible to configure a digit for repeating thhis menu.


    The scenario is like this:

    1. A Call Flow routes the call to a Queue (and a Queue Flow).
    2. The Queue Flow plays MOH and the position in the queue of the caller
    3. After a certain amount of time, the caller is prompted to choose between a callback (choice 1), or to continue waiting (choice 2.


    The choice that is given in step3 is configured in the Queue Flow for this reason: if we should use a Call Flow to have this menu in, and in this menu, the caller chooses to continue waiting, the caller is routed back to queue, but loses his position: he is added back to the queue, as a new caller, so he looses his previous position in the queue.


    But using the Queue Flow to create a menu like that, we can't seem to configure a 'repeat menu' option.

    Does anybody know how this can be accomplished ?



  • 2.  RE: Repeat menu in an In-Queue Flow

    Posted 10-17-2017 14:53

    Hi Quant ICT,


    In-queue flows repeat themselves until an agent answers the call. The in-queue task will be executed, and when it gets to the end the task starts over at the beginning. So you don't need to do anything for the customer to continue waiting.

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