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  • 1.  Narrow down AWS IP address list

    Posted 10-09-2017 17:41



    On the article below is a reference to AWS IP address list in order to help customers configure their firewalls.



    Since our organization belongs to EMEA and the services are hosted in Ireland is it possible to narrow that list somehow? How should we filter it? Can we filter the ones which region is eu-west-1?


    Thanks in advance.


    Daniel Grosso (Lisbon, PT)



  • 2.  RE: Narrow down AWS IP address list

    Posted 10-12-2017 20:29

    Hi Daniel, I do not have a solid answer, but here is the info from Amazon on the IP range:


  • 3.  RE: Narrow down AWS IP address list

    Posted 10-12-2017 20:33

    Hello Jeff.


    Thank u for answering.


    I've been there but the answer I'm looking for is if we can assume that, being our organization an EMEA organization, we can filter the IP's with region="eu-west-1".