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  • 1.  Adding Delay to Outbound Call

    Posted 09-29-2017 06:20

    Hi All


    We receive our outbound contacts real-time from our CRM to each of our outbound campaigns. These outbound contacts are generated from our customers who have used our online quotation system.


    What we have found is we are contacting this customers too quick - sometimes they are still completing the quotation online while we've called them. Is it possible to add a rule to delay an outbound contact by a certain threshold e.g. 10 minutes?



  • 2.  RE: Adding Delay to Outbound Call

    Posted 10-03-2017 18:16

    Hello Peter,


    There isn't a way right now to directly add a delay to a contact being added to a campaign. I do have a couple of ideas about how you may solve this though:


    1. I'm guessing the contact is being added to the contact list through an public API request with the priority=true header. If that is the case then as soon as that request is received we will queue up the contact to be dialed. You could change the logic in your site to wait to send the request until all the customer forms are completed. I'm not sure how easy that is for you to do that depending on how the site is built.
    2. On the public API request to add the contact to the call list you could add another data column that is a timestamp of the current time. You could then add a rule to your campaign that has a condition of "if new *contact data column* is Earlier Than an hour from now (you can use a more granular time through the public api if an hour is too long)" then take action of 'Do not dial.' I attached a screenshot of what that rule would look like and where it says "Balance" would be whatever field you put the timestamp in.


    Let me know if neither of those options work for you and we can try to come up with an alternative way for doing it.






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