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PureCloud Chat needs a bookmarking and "like" functionality - synchronized responses in an asynchronous world

  • 1.  PureCloud Chat needs a bookmarking and "like" functionality - synchronized responses in an asynchronous world

    Posted 09-22-2017 18:45

    PureCloud chat is great, but there are several great reasons to add a bookmarking feature and a "like" feature .


    Per Bookmarking:


    Chat is asynchronous. Sometimes I will receive multiple messages from someone, but am unable to read them immediately. Before getting to those messages, I often times return to the chat to ask an unrelated question or make my own statements that result in a series of messages. This causes my unread messages to get lost and requires me to try and find them through a reload of the chat.


    This becomes more problematic when you want to respond to the series of messages using the quotes button. Upon responding to a message higher up in the thread, you are scrolled back to the beginning of the chat and lose your place.


    It would be AWESOME if I could bookmark messages to be read later and have a sidebar list view of queued messages to address. When I click them, I'm sent straight to the unread message and I can respond with the quotes button. I have to imagine call center agents REALLY need this feature because they are handling multiple customers simultaneously and some customers like to blast agents with messages. Without bookmarking, this takes a lot longer to know what you need to review.


    I think this functionality would ALSO be helpful for some machine learning types of solutions I'm working on as a means of crowd sourcing data (internally). We could identify types of content people prioritize and how they specifically respond to them. This is why the quotes button functionality is great as well.


    If we really want to get fancy...we should start developing our own quick response solution for the bookmarked messages...which could literally be "crowd-trained " by employees without any extra effort or time.


    Per "liking" chat comments...


    The consensus holds that engagement is one of the top most important aspects of interactions. The concept of "liking" allows us the ability to engage and to provide a synchronized reaction in an asynchronous world.


    People want acknowledgement that what they communicated was received. As simple humans, it's important for us to also know how our communications are reacted to - so we can learn. Reactions provide us more data and more context. Not only that but transmission of reactive feedback is equally as important to the receiver. I want you to know my reaction to something you've said. Sometimes my reactions provide more data than what I actually say; this is true of any and all people.


    That said, I want to be able to "like" what people say as a quick was of showing support, as reinforcing certain kinds of humor, as a way of reacting to something without having to clarify in a chat to what I was reacting.


    If that's not a good enough reason to add "like" and other types of synchronized reaction options, what about for the purposes of collecting crowdsourced data for machine learning and training purposes?


    If we start generating data on things that are liked....we can also evaluate the text responses to those messages. Suddenly, we're able to identify patterns of how people respond to messages they have actively "liked". I'll stop here, but there 's a lot more possibilities to elaborate on.


    I don't think this should be used to spy on individuals - but I do think using internal PureCloud chats could be used for training true AI - assuming we aren't already doing this.


    @Chris Highman?  @Chip McCoy? @Christopher Connolly?  @Anthony Alford?  @Christian Eberle?  @Tim Smith?  :) Including you guys because I imagine you could also use a bookmark chat feature as well - plus this is a great opportunity for training predictive AI engines organically (I believe).

  • 2.  RE: PureCloud Chat needs a bookmarking and "like" functionality - synchronized responses in an asynchronous world

    Posted 09-27-2017 14:37

    This is a great suggestion and we have considered doing something very similar to this in the future. We do not have it on a planned roadmap at this time. Thank you for the feedback and suggestion.

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