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  • 1.  PureCloud for Salesforce

    Posted 08-22-2017 10:38

    Hi All,


    We currently use PureCloud for salesforce and have found that the setting selected within the tool on the salesforce page that prompt for a queue to call on behalf of will often reset (see image)


    This causes issues with outbound calls not being made as part of a queue resulting in no wrap-up code being applied.


    Has anyone else experienced this and have a solution or work-around?


    Many thanks



  • 2.  RE: PureCloud for Salesforce

    Posted 09-06-2017 15:55

    That setting is controlled by the browser's local storage. If local storage is cleared, then the preference would be removed and would need to be reset.


    Additionally, if this were a shared workstation there would be the possibility that this preference could be overwritten by a second user on the machine.


    If you find that neither of these scenarios are the cause of this preference being reset, then I would recommend bringing this issue up with PureCloud support as that wouldn't be expected behavior.

  • 3.  RE: PureCloud for Salesforce

    Posted 09-06-2017 22:54

    Thanks for your answer Richard.


    Considering so many of the settings for Salesforce agents are kept in PureCloud would it not be more prudent to keep these settings there as well so there is no change in experience for the agents as they move desks.



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