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  • 1.  IVR Data

    Posted 07-14-2017 13:44

    How do I view data from the IVR.  I am setting up various direct mail campaigns with different phone numbers but all of the numbers have the same queue and design in architect since the calls should be handled the same way. I want to measure each number to see the call volume and the options selected in the IVR.




  • 2.  RE: IVR Data

    Posted 07-27-2017 06:48

    Hi David,


    you probably need to use in Architect, based on Call.CalledAddress(DNIS), multiple SWITCH -> (you can find it under LOGICAL),until you have enough, and for every case, use SET PARTECIPANT DATA where you can set all attributes as you want, in order to have on your reports, all data as you requested.

    Remember , attributes in reporting has a 3 months retentions, so I suggest to build your own DWH , to collect these informations.


    If you need any further details , feel free to ask me.



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