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  • 1.  Attempt control - Count of attempts

    Posted 06-28-2017 18:21


    I'm curious what would happen in these cases, with the use of attempt control


    Let's suppose, In the attempt control the max attempt per contact is 5 and the reset period is NEVER


    1. If I increase the max attempt, by one?

    The campaign will start dialing to the leads where the contact attempt already reached 5? Or any edit in the settings will reset the counting?

    2. What happens with the contact attemtp counting, if I remove the attempt control from the contact list?

    What happens if I replace with a new attempt control setting, the attempt count it'll reset?



    I'm asking this because I'm testing some new settings in PureCloud, I would like to know how easy I can rollback the changes, if the result does not goes as planned

    When I created the flow in my org the only feature avaiable was the call rules, so it's not friendly to handle the call controls with it.


  • 2.  RE: Attempt control - Count of attempts

    Posted 07-07-2017 19:46

    Hi Erison,

    1. The count of attempts is recalculated before each time the contact is dialed, so if you increase the max count by one and call a contact that was previously blocked by attempt controls, that contact will be dialed, but the count will not be reset by any changes max attempts.
    2. If you remove the attempt control from the contact list, no contacts will be blocked by previous attempt limits. If you associate a new attempt controls entity to the contact list, this will not reset the count either. To reset the attempts, you will need to reimport the contacts by copying the contact list or creating a new one.

    Thank you,

    Sean Carter

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