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  • 1.  Invoiced Minutes Validation

    Posted 06-15-2017 19:42

    When comparing my companies monthly invoice to actual minutes I would like to know the best report to run so I can compare/validate the minutes we are being billed for.


    I have been running the Interaction Details Report which includes 3 categories:






    There were however 6 categories on our latest invoice.


    1.      US Extended Outbound Calling Service

    2.      US International Outbound Calling Service

    3.      US Outbound Calling Service

    4.      US Toll-free Inbound Calling Service

    5.      US Inbound Calling Service

    6.      US Extended Toll-free Inbound Calling Service


    My question is; what is the best method to compare what is on the invoice to what is actually occurring? I want to be able to validate everything that we are billed for telephony wise and want to have a concrete understanding of what is what. What is your recommendation to acquire this information?


    Please let me know,



  • 2.  RE: Invoiced Minutes Validation

    Posted 06-15-2017 23:52

    Interaction level reports are contact center business reports - aren't currently used for telephony services. There are many reasons they won't match exactly. Because of that, there is an option for customers to download their CDRs and that will match up. If you go to Admin > Subscription, > Reports, there's an option for Telephony. You can enter the billing period and get the exact CDR file. Hope this helps! Rebecca

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