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  • 1.  CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT - New Features

    Posted 05-30-2017 07:41

    Hi guys,

    as Genesys released new features on outbound module, I'd like to know if and how new sorting and filters can improve my campaign strategy.

    Could someone tell me how can I improve this scenario :


    - Campaign - Predictive

    - Leads are imported one by one in realtime through API from our Web Application

    - 1 List with different priority based on one column called "RANK"

    - Campaign sorted by "RANK"

    - Attempts Control with BUSY,MACHINE and NO ANSWER(as screenshot)




    I create one Contact List Filter




    Just to include only leads that satisfy these conditions


    My question is : 

    How can I sort leads based on "RANK" column(custom column created in my own list), thinking to :

    - I don't want to delete all attempts control checks

    - I want to call every leads with the higher "RANK" based on entry date(so updating sorting leads in realtime), then others

    - I cannot recycle the campaign, cause it will delete all attempts control checks, so I will lose all number of attempts control

    - I want to recall leads based on Call Analysis(3 times every 15 minutes for instance)

    - I want to set uncallable leads if they reach max number of attemtps




  • 2.  RE: CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT - New Features

    Posted 05-31-2017 14:39

    Hi, Stefano. I'm not sure I can provide an exact answer to your scenario. But the two new features you mention are multiple column sorting and contact list filters.


    Multiple column sorting might be useful to your situation. Right now it sounds like you are sorting on just the RANK column. If you need finer control over the sort, you can now incorporate additional columns. So perhaps something like a start date column or something similar might allow contacts within a rank to be prioritized over other contacts within that rank. As you mentioned, sorting takes place only at campaign start or recycle, so it might be of limited usefulness for an ongoing campaign.


    Contact list filters also apply only at campaign start or recycle, so again there may be some limitations in their usefulness for an ongoing campaign. Priority contacts added will honor the filter conditions when added.

  • 3.  RE: CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT - New Features

    Posted 05-31-2017 15:20

    Hi ,

    thanks for the quick answer.


    I try to explain my need :


    Leads are continuosly imported through API, with priority = true, in order to obtain LIFO.

    Campaign is sorted by 1 column.

    I'd like to call always leads newest with RANK = 1, then newest leads with RANK =2,etc,ect,

    but it certain time :


    I finished leads with RANK = 1

    Agents starts talking RANK =2

    Importing few leads RANK = 1

    Agent start talking with RANK =1


    Is there any way to re-sort dynamically the leads without recycle campaign?





  • 4.  RE: CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT - New Features

    Posted 05-31-2017 16:08

    Unfortunately, there is not a way to dynamically resort the campaign once it has started (other than recycling).


    And I believe priority leads will be placed next in line when added, no matter their rank. That is, the priority mechanism overrides the sorting.

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