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    Posted 05-17-2017 19:07

    Want to learn more about PureCloud implementations?  Register for the PureCloud Services Associate learning plan and complete the following four courses. 


    PureCloud Integrations course covers the implementation of the most common PureCloud client integrations; including PureCloud for Salesforce, PureCloud for Zendesk and PureCloud for Chrome. 


    The PureCloud Collaborate Basics course will cover lessons in installing the Bridge and Active Directory Connector. This allows PureCloud to synchronize Active Directory users with PureCloud.


    The PureCloud Communication (Voice Services) course will cover configuring the PureCloud system for telephony services including: the Edge, SIP trunks, Phone Trunks, PureCloud web-based phones (WebRTC). In addition, you will learn the difference between a PureCloud Voice (PCV) architecture and a PureCloud Local Control architecture.


    The Contact Center Solutions and Architecture course will cover lessons in building call flows within Architect and other contact center basics, such as routing methods, wrap-up codes, etc.


    The PureCloud Tools and Resources Course will cover lessons in finding information in the Resource Center, PureCloud Community, and the Dev Center.


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