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Contact list performance with campaign recycling strategy

  • 1.  Contact list performance with campaign recycling strategy

    Posted 05-16-2017 14:43

    Hi everyone,


    We have questions regarding Purecloud system performance :


    We have an outbound campaign based on a contact list. 

    We use the outbound campaign recycling strategy to "replay" the first callable contacts of the contact list when the campaign reaches 1% of progression (the contact list is sorted according to one of its column).

    The contact list is filled automatically by an external system.


    Currently, we do not have a clear visibility on Purecloud system performance and we would like to get some information. The questions are :

    • Is there a performance threshold regarding the number of contact a contact list can contains and the percentage we set for the campaing recycling strategy ?
    • Is there any other potential risks of doing this ?
    • Do you have recommendation regarding the contact list / outbound campaign performance ?


    Thanks a lot for your help.


  • 2.  RE: Contact list performance with campaign recycling strategy

    Posted 05-18-2017 18:31

    Hi Baptiste,

    There is a performance threshold on both the contact list size and the recycling strategy: 

    • If a contact list is too small (as a contrived example: less than the number of available agents or less than the number of available lines) or has too many uncallable contacts, the campaign may complete without triggering the recycle rule. You could get around this by putting the campaign in a repeating sequence, so that it restarts if it completes without triggering the rule. 
    • 1% progress is a very low value for recycling a campaign, and may cause it to recycle more often than you would like and call certain contacts many times. A more appropriate value may be 5-10%, depending on the size of the contact list. 


    As noted above, the risks to this strategy are that the campaign will "miss" triggering the recycle rule, which could be mitigated by using a "greater than or equal" condition, and calling contacts too often, which can be mitigated by using Attempt Controls. 


    It sounds like what you're trying to do is only call contacts that match certain criteria? If this is the case, we have just released a feature for filtering a contact list. These options can be found under "Contact List Filters" in the "List Management" options. You could set up a filter, then run the campaign in a repeating sequence. However, if you're trying to call certain contacts first but still call others, your strategy seems reasonable, though again I would suggest using Attempt Controls.

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