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  • 1.  Automate Phone Status

    Posted 05-08-2017 14:50

    How do I automate the activity status on my phone to busy when I am on another phone call?

  • 2.  RE: Automate Phone Status

    Posted 05-11-2017 14:28

    I think you will need to be a little more specific...are you wanting the user's Status in the Directory to automatically switch to have a red ring around the user picture and actually change the Status itself to Busy?


    If so, that is not a feature of PureCloud. You will need to submit an enhancement request through Support.


    The built-in functionality is to show the word "Call" below the user's status in the Directory:



  • 3.  RE: Automate Phone Status

    Posted 05-11-2017 15:31

    Hi George,


    Thank you for your reply!  I totally wasn't expecting anyone to follow up on my question.


    I want to have the Status change to Busy when I am on a phone call.  I have to manually change the status to busy each time I am on a phone call.  Is there a feature on the system to turn on in PureCloud that would automate this process?  It causes an issue if I forget to click on a red option.  My callers think I am available and keep trying to phone my number  unless I remember to switch it manually to red.  


    Our previous phone system recognized when we are on a phone call and handled this process automatically.  How would one go about submitting an enhancement request through support?  

  • 4.  RE: Automate Phone Status

    Posted 05-11-2017 15:55

    No, there is no way to enable that functionality in PureCloud. The developers chose to go the route I described above (putting the word Call under the status) and other folks are supposed to notice that you are on a call based on that.


    You can contact Customer Care as described on and ask them to submit an enhancement request.

  • 5.  RE: Automate Phone Status

    Posted 05-11-2017 16:07

    Thank you! 

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