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  • 1.  WebChat - customer log and larger customer end button

    Posted 03-22-2017 13:44



    1) We have just started testing webchat in PureCloud and we would like to make the dialog between customer and agent available for the customer. F.ex by using a CustomField were we retrieve the emailadress and the customer can have a feature were he can say "send the dialog" and its sent to the registered email.

    Anybody know if this is duable in the present version of PureCloud?

    2) The webchat pop-up vindow contains a small end chat icon - anybody know were this can be altered (bigger and possibly ad some text) for better customer experience






  • 2.  RE: WebChat - customer log and larger customer end button

    Posted 03-31-2017 02:13

    Thanks for the feedback Richard. We have a feature in the backlog to make it easier for customers to customize the web chat widget and I will add your request to this.


    As for the chat transcript, I do not know of an easy way to accomplish this out of the box, but I will take a note of this as well. You could probably have the agent send the customer the transcript as part of an email on behalf of queue, but that's not exactly what you are after.




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