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  • 1.  Scheduled Callbacks

    Posted 03-04-2017 22:34

    Scheduled callback currently displays location, queue, callback number  and when the callback is due to trigger but under the name it doesn't show who it is for? Is there any option to include agent name to determine which agent scheduled the callback.


    Is it possible to have a script populate to capture details of the call, similar to a internal dnc list. We use it in a sales environment and would like to be able to capture the sales information?


    Does the queue need to be on for the script to populate or can it be off and sitting in the campaign management view to capture the information. I assume we can capture the data and tag it using a different wrap up code. Is there any alerter in campaign management that can indicate that the contact list has been updated?



  • 2.  RE: Scheduled Callbacks

    Posted 03-13-2017 18:47

    Scheduled Callbacks are not tied to a specific agent currently.  They can be set to a preferred agent, but that does not guarantee that is who it will go to (if that preferred agent is unavailable, etc).  The agent who scheduled the callback is available in the details, but as noted, we do not expose that today (good idea though!).


    Depending how callbacks are being scheduled, it is possible to customize the script that will show.  If these are Dialer calls for example, it will attempt to use the Dialer script.  Otherwise it defaults to the default callback script (which can be changed).


    I don't quite follow what you are referring to in the last paragraph.  If you could explain further, I will try to help.

  • 3.  RE: Scheduled Callbacks

    Posted 03-23-2017 01:19

    Thanks Adam, we would find it incredibly useful to be able to identify which agent set the callback at least. As at present unless we pull the data at the end of the night we won't know who set the call back.


    Last paragraph:

    Does the campaign need to be switched on or in the campaign management view for the schedule call back to occur?

    Depending on the answer above then my next question would be, how would we determine the outcome of the callback if the campaign is off? Could the campaign management feature appear with an indicator that the contact list has been updated?


  • 4.  RE: Scheduled Callbacks

    Posted 03-24-2017 17:55

    The information is available on the interaction to tell who created the scheduled callback, however we do not expose that in our UI today.  I will look into adding that, but cannot comment on any dates or guarantees of it being displayed in the near-term.


    For campaign scheduled callbacks, the campaign must be on currently.  This is for a few reasons, but primarily we have to have agents on queue to handle the callbacks.  In the case of it being a Predictive/Power campaign, we also need other Campaign resources to be available (EdgeGroup, Script, etc).


    Our "Outbound Campaigns" Dashboard (under "Performance") does show a list of "Scheduled Interactions"  when you drill into a specific Campaign.  There is also a separate "Scheduled Callbacks" dashboard that will show all system-wide scheduled callbacks.

  • 5.  RE: Scheduled Callbacks

    Posted 08-10-2017 06:26


    It is possible to always route a callback to a specific Agent.

    You have to create a separate callback Queue for the Agent (e.g. callbackJohnDoe)

    In the Script you create a variable: callbackQueueID

    Then you create an Action in the script which contains a condition:

    if Scripter.Agent Name = John Doe then callbackQueueID = queue id of callbackJohnDoe

    Then you create an Action to schedule the callback, where the callback queue = callbackQueueID.

    In that way the callback is routed to callbackJohnDoe, which has only one member, being John Doe.

    You can even expand the functionality by creating a dropdown list where the Agent can choose to which Agent the callback must be routed (create variable callbackAgent and create an action to match the callbackAgent with a callback queue ID).





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