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  • 1.  Agent Dashboard not accurate

    Posted 02-16-2017 00:37

    Hi there, my agents are really excited by the ability to view their performance through out the day, however the dashboard the agents see is not matching the Agent metrics report i run each day and forward to the for review. This is causing issues in that the agents are losing faith in the reports and dashboard as they don't match. is there a reason why? and can they be married up to display consistent stats?

    Thanks Jason

  • 2.  RE: Agent Dashboard not accurate

    Posted 02-27-2017 06:46

    Hi Jason, do you have any example there the statistics is not correct and is it possible to reproduce? I got similar feedback from our staff planners but they have not been able to give me a concrete example yet. 

  • 3.  RE: Agent Dashboard not accurate

    Posted 03-02-2017 04:09

    sure see attached.

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