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  • 1.  Customer Experience in the News

    Posted 02-09-2017 18:32

    Key Trends week of 07 February 2017


    Call Centers - Training from AIs

    MIT Technology Review’s senior AI editor, Will Knight, ran a story on the importance of call center employees receiving training from AI software to better detect problem conversations. Knight points out that this news gives consumers a fascinating glimpse into ways AI and humans might increasingly work together in the future.


    Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service

    Forbes recently ran a contributed article by the President of LoyaltyOne, Bryan Pearson, on ways AI is being integrated into customer service. Overall, Pearson points out that more companies are using or testing the supercomputer’s cognitive computing capabilities to more acutely predict (and serve) customer wishes.


    Fear of AI

    Fortune journalist Jonathan Vanian discussed the issues many Americans fear when assessing the integration of AI into more customer service centered roles. Vanian points out that businesses that adopt artificial intelligence technology to help with jobs, like automating call center activity, must also consider giving employees education and training so that those who are displaced by innovation can still work.



    Tom Alexander, founder and CEO of PK4 Media, contributed an article to MarketingTech on varying ways omnichannel initiatives are helping marketers. Alexander points out that an omnichannel approach would allow someone to start an application via a smartphone, ask questions to a live representative, and complete the process in-person.  Overall, this creates a seamless experience that guides the customer through the purchase funnel.


    Machine Learning

    Retail Customer Experience writer Judy Motti examines Lululemon’s recent growth (the company revenue increased more in the past five years than it had in the last two decades), indicating this change was a direct result of the company utilizing machine learning for a more personalized one-on-one experience.


    Artificial Intelligence

    The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article from contributor Christopher Mims. In the feature, Mims points out that the middle class has been deeply affected by the introduction of AI into the workforce. For context, the piece references retail utility company Blue Prism replacing 600 of their employees with 300 robots.


    Omnichannel and AI

    Dan O’Shea, contributing editor of Retail Dive, recently covered Sears’ announcing that the company would integrate IBM Watson into their auto center website. O’Shea points out that by using IBM Watson's Natural Language Classifier service, the company can help customers looking to buy tires, as well as provide recommendations that take into account personal needs and driving habits.  

  • 2.  RE: Customer Experience in the News

    Posted 02-09-2017 18:45

    Wow! Lots of AI and machine learning stuff in the news lately! 

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