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  • 1.  When is the Facebook integration released?

    Posted 01-17-2017 22:21

    Social channel mgt in PureCloud sounds good, but using only Twitter is quite limited. I'm wondering why Twitter has been released first vs Facebook, is it because it is more adapted to call centres/cx? 

  • 2.  RE: When is the Facebook integration released?

    Posted 01-18-2017 16:56

    Hi Michael!


    I don't have any news on the Facebook integration, but I can provide some insight into why Twitter was done first. 


    You're right--Twitter is a more natural fit for contact centers (it's easy to view a tweet as a type of interaction), and in addition it was released first because it was simpler to work with as a prototype from a technical perspective. The core concept was to be able to route social posts to agents so that agents could respond. Twitter provides a public stream of posts, while Facebook only allows you to interact with posts you that own, so finding and routing posts to agents would be trickier. Facebook also has many more kinds of posted "objects" than Twitter, which has just one--the tweet. 


    In case you haven't seen it already, here's the help landing page for Social channel management:, which might also provide some insight on the goals of social channel management.


    Please let us know if you have any follow up questions :)


  • 3.  RE: When is the Facebook integration released?

    Posted 01-23-2018 11:37

    Hello Genesys team,

    we would like to join this post and asking about news on social networks integrations.


    Currently, is Twitter the only available social channel for PureCloud?

    Thank you in advance.

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