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  • 1.  Customer Experience in the News

    Posted 01-05-2017 15:05

    CX News - week of 05 January 2017



    Forbes contributor Tom Popomaronis highlighted five key predictions businesses can use to enhance their customer experience according to Scott Horn, CMO of AI-driven customer engagement software company, [24]7.


    Virtual Reality

    The Atlantic’s Dena Levitz explores ways in which VR is changing how organizations approach the workplace. Levitz uses a variety of examples, but identifies VR as the technology that will have the greatest impact, and predicts it will help to train employees in a more comprehensive manner.



    CIO’s Clint Boulton recently covered the chatbot craze that swept 2016 and ways it helped improve the lives of both consumers and businesses. The article points out that chatbots backed by cloud software were more efficient in helping call center employees analyzes the tone, pitch and speed of speech to better decipher how to approach customers.


    Artificial Intelligence

    WSJ reporter, Steven Norton, recently ran a story on varying ways AI is helping drive the CIO agenda in the year ahead. Overall, Norton points out that CIOs are putting a generation of cheaper and more powerful artificial intelligence to use in a range of corporate applications and automated work that people previously performed.


    Digital Transformation

    In addition to the above story, WSJ’s Steven Norton previously covered the importance of digital transformation for the CIO agenda. However, for this article, Norton interviewed twenty CIOs on their top priorities for 2017.


  • 2.  RE: Customer Experience in the News

    Posted 01-05-2017 15:34

    This is great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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